Coolest Diego Birthday Cake – Rescue Pack

I made a box brand 9×13 Diego birthday cake. Once cake was completely cooled I cut the top corners of the cake. The top two corners were cut so I could make the rescue pack handle. I also cut the inside of the handle out which was a little difficult but would have worked better if I had made a bigger handle. I also cut the sides to make the top “face” part of rescue pack. I used the rounded off pieces and cut them width side through the middle of the pieces of cake. These 4 rounded pieces were set on top of cake and held down with frosting. Do not worry about all the pieces not fitting together. Before I held them down with the frosting I moved them around to get the best fit possible.

Once the face part was set I frosted the whole cake with white frosting. I used more than one can of frosting. I love the look of spray on frosting color so that is what I used. One can of orange covered the cake but I had two. You can use orange food coloring if you want but this color was the perfect color for the cake. I found mine at a local chain craft store although my grocery store also had it but did not have it in. I also bought a red and black tube of frosting to do the face with. My son happens to have a rescue pack so I used that to get the face right. The red frosting was for the mouth and eye brows. White for the eyes(I put some in a baggie and cut the corner and squeezed it out)and black for the pupils. I took a tooth pick and drew the shapes of the mouth eyes and brows on the cake. Then filled in the ares with the frostings. This was very easy to do and everyone was surprised when I said I made it myself. Good Luck and have FUN!