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Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my daughters 2nd Birthday. It was a simple golden buttercake recipe that I baked in a large lamington tin and then simply cut out the shape of the number two with a paper stencil.

The cake is covered with buttercream icing, and then I piped flowers around the outside, alternating with ready made icing roses from Coles. Then I simply sprinkled purple and yellow sprinkles on the top and placed the Dora and Boots figurines on the top, with Dora surrounded by more icing roses. The Dora figurine is not a candle but was part of the Dora Birthday range from Coles, and came with 6 candles. It went very well with her Dora Fairyland themed party. This was a very simple cake and was very easy to make, not taking very much time at all to complete. But it was a definite hit with the Birthday Girl and all her friends at the party!

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