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Coolest Animated Dora the Explorer Cake

This is an animated, jungle themed Dora the Explorer cake my boyfriend and I made for my 2 year old niece. There are two tiers to the cake, and they’re sitting on top of a box made up of plywood. The top tier is a chocolate-hazelnut buttercream, and the bottom one is a vanilla cake with raspberry jam and lemon buttercream.

The sides of the wooden box were then covered with cloth and ribbon, while the top is covered in homemade fondant. Underneath the box, there are Lego technic motors that make the fondant birds fly around the tree, and make the rubber toys at the base spin. A PVC tube runs through the two tiers, and through the top tree, which allows a rod to connect the motor underneath the tree to the wires holding the birds at the top.

The motors (since they’re from remote controlled Lego cars) are controlled via a remote, and can make the figures spin in both directions, and even dance to the song :).

All the animals, trees, leaves and flowers are made up of fondant, while the rest of the decorations are piped in using buttercream icing. The animals made up of fondant are: a monkey, a crocodile, a giraffe, a lion, a tiger, an elephant, a panda, and a snake. The two figurines of Dora and Boots that spin at base are store-bought bath toys. I also added a couple of duck-shaped candles at the base from the dollar store.

The tree on top was built around the PVC tube, and wires were tied around it to provide support for all the branches. I also installed a set of iPod speakers to the underside of the box, so that it would play a few Dora theme songs.

Coolest Animated Dora the Explorer Cake

Coolest Animated Dora the Explorer Cake

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