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Cake by Tessa W., London.

Coolest Dr Who Cake Ideas and Photos

This is a Dr Who cake. I alternated the cake inside, one layer vanilla, next layer chocolate, to give everybody a choice of flavor. I think it’s about four cakes high (I lost track! but is about 15-16 inches high) and has fresh cream in between layers. I started with the oval shape at the bottom, which I cut out of the biggest cake I could make with my biggest cake tin and then cut each subsequent layer smaller until you get to the head which was cooked in a large muffin tin (although it would be just as easy to carve it rounded from spare cake).

The Darlek’s back is more upright than the front which has a greater slope. This took me ages to get right, carving bit more here and there until I was happy. The icing is chocolate butter cream, the bobbles are Maltese’s, the top antenna and stripe details are mint-matchmakers. One of the arms needed to be a thicker. stick-shaped choc-bar to support the weight of the Walnut Whip. The other arm has a Cadbury’s Mint Crisp on the end which I stuck on by slightly melting the matchmaker over the gas-hob and then quickly sticking it to the crisp. This took a few attempts as the matchmaker still warm would melt right through the mint crisp.

The orange side lights are Foxes fruit flavor boiled sweets and the front feeler has some sugar covered gummy donut shaped sweets I found in my local shop with a black wine gum on the end. Finally I drew lines with the back of a rounded knife and piped a tiny detail on the head. Afterwards it was exterminated by lots of hungry seven year olds and plenty spare for the grown ups!,

Dr Who Cake Photo

Cake by Claire C., Lancashire, UK

Dr Who Cake Photo

This Dr Who cake is the Tardis from Dr Who, made for my husband who’s a big fan! It was assembled from three shop bought marble slab cakes but could be made from stacked squares of homemade cake. The top square needs to be trimmed to a point to make the roof. Stick and cover with buttercream and chill to keep the shape! As it’s tall and thin it doesn’t lend itself well to being draped with sugar paste (I found that it just tore the sugar paste) so lay it on its side and bandage wrap it joining the paste at a back corner.

Then cover the roof and trim where the sugar paste joins the sides. Place it on a square of blue sugar paste already on the cake board to make the step. The details are all bandage wrapped in the same way: thin strips of sugar paste joined at the back. I pressed panels in using a plastic cocktail stick (toothpick) box that was a perfect shape but a knife or square cutter will work. Windows are cut using the same cutter and black lines painted on using food colour paste. The police call box signs are made in the same way too. Make a small white cylinder and put blue lines and top on to make the light and stick to the top of the cake.