Minecraft!?! What in the world? It’s all the rage. I can’t build a thing, but my kids and their friends are obsessed. So, really, I’ve only seen a handful of Minecraft cake ideas. Here’s an easy one for you. The grandparents bought all the figurines as presents and voila! Done!

How to Make an Easy Minecraft Cake

  • 4 boxes of chocolate cake mix, a can of chocolate icing, and a 1/2 batch of my homemade icing  (1 stick butter, 1/2 cup shortening, 2 tablespoons milk, 4 cups sifted confectioners sugar) dyed green.
  • Bake two 13×9 cakes and three 9×9 square cakes.
  • Freeze all cake for 20 minutes. I wrap each layer in foil.
  • Cut edges off all cakes and layer with chocolate icing. The top layer was quartered.
  • Ice with green dyed icing and add grass with a Wilton grass tip.
  • I made a little blue pond for our duck and wrote my son’s name in the best “minecraft” font I could muster!
  • I added all the Minecraft figurines (which are incredibly well-made by the way) and I put chocolate icing on the cake tray to look like mud.

Seriously…. this was the easiest cake I ever made!

You cut the cakes and leave the edges bare so you don’t even have to ice them. Boom! Minecraft. Mindblown.

Happy Baking!