Awesome Minecraft Birthday Cake

My son loves Minecraft, especially Stampycat. So a homemade Minecraft birthday cake was the only way to go for his birthday.

We bought two store-made half sheet cakes and then cut off one end of both to turn it into a perfect square (because everything in Minecraft is square.)

We also bought a ton of green icing at the grocery store bakery.  I got all of the fondant products on the Etsy website.  I got the TNT candles from one seller.  They’re just candles wrapped in paper (Watch out, though, they make big flames!  His friends had to help him blow out the candles.)

I got the little squares from a different seller  (I had intended to put them all over the cake, but they were smaller than I had expected.)

I bought the three Stampy characters from one seller and the rest of the Minecraft characters from another.

Different sellers also sold Minecraft plates and napkins, goodie bags and a Stampy pinata. We also bought Minecraft stuffed toys and balloons on ebay.  The kids loved it!

Awesome Minecraft Birthday Cake

Awesome Minecraft Birthday Cake

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