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30+ Coolest Homemade Minecraft Cakes

Obsessed with the world of 3D cubes? Then this collection of awesome homemade Minecraft cakes are for you! Take your creativity for building in the Minecraft world over to a decorating a cake. For the best ideas and coolest decorating techniques, check out the homemade cakes below.

Fondant is an obvious choice for creating a boxy shape. A small square cutter will be your best friend for you to achieve the pixelated look. It will give you the precise edges you are looking for but it is definitely time consuming. One decorator here cut out 616 little squares for her grandson’s cake!

For a quick and easy idea, try wafers for a blocky look. Also, brownies and Rice Krispie treats work very well too.

In addition, try popular ideas such as diamond Minecraft swords and creepers.

So whether you are making Minecraft cakes for a son, daughter, dad or even a valentine, find the coolest homemade cake inspiration here!