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Easy But Fancy-Looking Butterfly Birthday Cake

This butterfly birthday cake was for my granddaughter’s seventh birthday, and she loved it. I used nine-inch heart-shaped pans. The top wings were each a single heart, the lower wings were a single heart cut in half. The body was Rice Crispy treats, and the antennas were Twizzlers. Half was chocolate cake, and the half vanilla to give the guests a choice of flavors.

The entire cake was frosted with yellow butter cream icing, and then decorated with colored sugar and different varieties of M&Ms – the only thing my grand kids like better than cake is cake with candy stuck to it. Finally, it was trimmed and edges covered with more butter cream frosting.

This cake turned out to be so large that my husband had to make a giant cake board to support it, and the cardboard layer underneath was two pieces for 13×9 cakes taped together! It served 50 people. I only had one heart-shaped pan, so it took a while to create; an evening to bake the cakes, and an afternoon to decorate.