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Homemade Firetruck Theme Cake

My son was having his 4th birthday party and it was all firetruck themed. We had volunteer firefighters come, everything in the house was decked out in firetruck regalia. Plates, cups, balloons, toys walls, fire hats, extinguishers etc. You get the idea. My son Bryson requested a firetruck cake. We were having about 55 people over so to say the least, I needed a large cake.

I was researching the cake for a while. This website gave me great ideas as well as some others. I needed a big base and wanted to do a cake that had flames and scene (men or fire dog) etc. I kept going back and forth on how to do it but eventually came up with my own idea.

For the base, i used 4 9×13 cake pans. 2 were yellow cake ,, 2 devil foods cake. In between I made a chocolate ganache filling. The bottom was all yellow cake, then a layer of ganache, then devils food cake on top. I used a buttercream and chocolate ganache mix for the icing.

For firetruck I used 2 loaf pans with chocolate cake. After they cooled I sliced the cake so the were flat. I cut one loaf in half and then cut in 3 equal pieces. i then stacked the cake as need to make a windshield and the rear of the truck. I found by looking online there are son many ways to make a firetruck. You can use a 9×13 pan, loaf pan, as long as you stack it so it looks like a firetruck you’ll be ok. I used chocolate ganache to hold pieces together.

I then made red buttercream. I needed 2 jars of wilton red to get a deep red color. This hurt me in the end because the buttercream had a metallic taste later. The flames were made with yellow and orange buttercream using a leaf tip. I used thin mints for firetruck wheels. I used jolly ranchers for lights. I used M&M minis for lights on front top and back lights. I detailed as I felt necessary. My son has 20 firetrucks at home and they all look different.

I used a firedog, cones and a fireman as a prop on top of the cake.

My sons eyes popped out of his head when he saw it. The cake was a huge hit. Since i am male, all the females asked me how to make their husbands do the same.

We didn’t eat the firetruck because the icing had the metallic taste. i don’t how to get rid of that but next time I may try fondant (which I don’t particularly like but it seems it would make the firetruck look that much better. Overall it was great and i would do it again in a heartbeat.

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