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Coolest Homemade Skull-Shaped Cakes

This is for my son Raiden’s sixth birthday. The theme was skull! I had to make 48 cupcakes. I had never seen a cupcake cake before but really liked how this one turned out.

Judging by the look on his face he did as well. I never let my boys see the cake before they get to blow out the candles.

I designed the layout for the cupcakes on the computer. I did this so I would know how many cupcakes I would need to bake and also gave me a free cake decorating idea at the same time.

Skull Cake - Free Cake Decorating Idea

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Cake by Philip B., Evanston, IL

Skull Cake - Free Cake Decorating Idea

The King is made up of 63 hand crafted cookies in the shapes of bones. The skull is baked from cookies on a dowel and assembled with royal icing. All cookies are decorated with fondant. The cake is a full sheet pan size. Cut to square. Then the remainder is cut to 2 more squares then stacked. The throne is assembled around the top square. Then the dowel is inserted and the process of assembling the bones takes place. I had a free cake decorating idea and once all armor is placed then decoration of the throne itself.

Cake by Candice S., Omaha, NE

Skull Cake - Free Cake Decorating Idea

I made this friendly girly skull cake for my nieces 12th birthday. She’s a little eclectic yet feminine (much like her aunt) and I wanted to make her a cake that reflected that. This is a two layer round. All I did was trim off small sections from the bottom to create the skull shape. Outside of that its just creating the eyes nose and mouth; which I did with frosting.

Cake by Angela C., Milford, Canada

Skull Cake - Free Cake Decorating Idea

This is a free cake decorating idea that I made for my daughter’s grade 7 Halloween party. It was a big hit.

First I made a template taping two pieces of printer paper together and drew a picture of a skull, cut out the eye holes and mouth outline. Once the cakes were cooled and placed on my turkey tray I set the template on and cut around it and cut small indent of eyes, nose and mouth and filled the indents with chocolate frosting.

Skull Cake - Free Cake Decorating Idea

I used a star tip for the rest of the head. With the chocolate frosting I drew outlines on the face to make everything pop. The spider was made out of a chocolate drop and used chocolate frosting to make the legs and head.

Cake by Sally F., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Skull Cake - Free Cake Decorating Idea

This is our skull cake, it is very easy to make. We drew a skull on paper, baked our cakes, drew the outline over them, and cut them up. We used white icing all over the cake, and black icing for eyes, mouth and eyebrows. We used red candies for eyes. We bought Halloween gummy worms for all around the cake. A huge hit!

Cake by Kasey P., Taylor, MI

Skull Cake - Free Cake Decorating Idea

This cake was made in a large pan (I’m not sure of the measurements). I used Devil’s food store bought cake mix and vanilla icing. Once the cake is baked and set out to cool for like an hour, lay on a stencil of the punisher skull as long as the cake pan. Poke holes around the outline of the stencil to mark wear to carve shape. You might want to use a pumpkin carving small blade utensil that usually comes in pumpkin carving kits and slowly start carving the cake shape.

Star-tip the entire shape of punisher skull once carved out. Use nestle chocolate chips to outline the skull and make the teeth and eyes (refer to stencil constantly. You’ll need to in order to assure accuracy). Give excess cake to the kids of course :-)