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Funny Slogan for Retirement Cake

I was asked to do a retirement cake for a lady that had been with company for 39 years and so I looked at several sites for ideas as to what to put on for description. I had been looking when I came up with this slogan on her cake.

I used a a full sheet cake pan and used white butter creme icing.  Used royal icing to make the flowers ( this was my first time for make roses) and the lady retiring favorite color was red. If you notice the word Carolyn is larger than the other words is because a tip that I was using (that belonged to my mom for over 15 yrs had come apart and I didn’t have another one to replace it so I went ahead a used another tip of different size to finish since it was on weekend and late in evening with no store open to get different tip) so now I keep several tips on hand so that I don’t have this problem in the future.

There were about 30+ people for her retirement party.  She was very surprised when she saw the cake that she took part of it home with her. But the best part of this is a lady that works in the office with her took a piece and came back to get enough to take home to her husband cause she stated that it taste just like her wedding cake from 15 years earlier and  I didn’t make her cake or know her but she has asked me to make her anniversary cake.

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