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Coolest Mozart Retirement Cake

One day the wife came home from working at the local hospital and asked if I could possibly make a retirement cake for one the the consultants at the hospital. Thinking that there would be plenty of time to produce one, when I asked the wife the date it was required she replied Friday this week ( this being Wednesday evening). Are you having a laugh I said but when I saw the look on her face I knew she was being serious about it. OK I said but I need to know what theme they want or any interests he may have.

So the following day (Thursday) I set about making the cake and being at short notice it could only be a sponge cake, using the same recipe that I always use for my sponges I went ahead and made. Once cooled I cut through length ways and put a layer of flavored butter cream on one half and then placed the other half back on top. I then gave the cake a very light covering of flavored butter cream to use as an adhesive for the icing. I rolled out the icing and left it to air dry to form a surface I could work with.

That evening when the wife came home with the information required I decided that as he had such a love of Mozart’s music I would make it the theme for the cake. The following day (Friday) due to a family problem I couldn’t do any decorating of the cake until late afternoon knowing full well that the cake had to be finished and delivered that evening.

I set to work with doing an outline drawing of Mozart’s profile and when happy with it I filled it in and colored it. .The next thing was to download a piece of his music so that I could copy some bars of music onto the cake, my wife said don’t be ridiculous nobody would know any different to which I replied trust me there is always one who will know.

Copying the music onto the cake freehand took forever and I was now really up against the clock, so as fast as I could I did the writing on the cake and drew and colored in a violin and a cello and to finish off I put fine pieces of colored ribbon around the cake.

With about ten minutes to spare a had thankfully finished my cake, not one of better one I think but at least I had got there. The wife and I both attended the party where the cake was greeted with great enthusiasm, and to top off the night the recipient of the cake recognized the piece of music on the cake, therefore as I said previously there will always be one who knows.

Thank goodness I had gone to the trouble of finding a piece of music by the great man.

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