My mother made me this goodbye party Alice in Wonderland cake.  The story that led to it began in 2012 when I met my now husband at Oakland BART station.

I was in San Francisco on a vacation from Germany. To make a long story short, we fell in love and decided we wanted to be together so he moved to Germany for me.  After a short vacation in Germany he had another three month waiting period.

Continuing on… we lived happily in Cologne for a while, but were struggling. Getting a visa and a job for him was hard. Also, the language was a problem. Since I can speak English we decided to go to the USA, start something there and hope it would be better.

As a girl I had always dreamt about our wedding, even before we got married. I had talked to my mom, my grandmom, and  even my husband about how I wanted an Alice in Wonderland wedding with cupcakes and a big funny looking cake. I saw the cake having lots of colors and a checkerboard as a dance floor. I always told my mom how I was going to have this and how I wished for it to happen. Things went quite differently though.

We had to get married to stay together. Knowing that leaving Germany and going to the US night not work out the way I always wanted it, we said, “Okay! Let’s try it out. We don’t have to get married right away so let’s just enjoy our time we have for now.”

So, the tickets were booked to leave and my mom invited our family out to have a little goodbye get-together. I wasn’t home while she was planning all this and it was a total surprise.

My mom actually thought of me as I was leaving. She decorated the whole party space with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Cupcakes and funny things were hanging and the best part was this Alice in Wonderland cake! :)

Thank you for the beautiful little party you made happen for me mom! <3