This Harry Potter Book of Monsters Cake is perfect for anyone who loves chocolate and Harry Potter. I made this for a college friend who was obsessed with Harry Potter, in the kitchen in my dorm building freshman year that I shared with about 100 other people.  It had an unpredictable oven and about two square feet of counter space.

It’s simply a vanilla cake covered in a chocolate butter cream icing (I made a basic butter cream frosting and then added cocoa until I had the color/flavor I wanted – the more the better!) and spread the icing so it wasn’t smooth to create the “fuzzy” look.  I made a chocolate paste out of chocolate and Karo oil for the accessories.  Using white chocolate for the pages, eyes, and teeth and milk chocolate for the rest. For the pages I rolled a think sheet of the paste, placed it on the side of the cake with icing, and used a knife to create the page look.

The mustache and eyebrow are also chocolate paste covered in icing. You could easily substitute the chocolate paste for fondant if you prefer, I just don’t like the way it tastes as much and who doesn’t want more chocolate on their birthday cake? If I can make this cake in my dormitory basement, you can certainly make it anywhere.