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Harvest Cake for Thanksgiving

This harvest cake was for my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I started watching Ace of Cakes and decided I would like to try my hand at decorating cakes for my family.

I should have used Rice Krispy treats for the base for the pumpkins. I had no idea how heavy fondant could be. The top layer of the cake began to sag under the weight of the decorations. Everything was  trial and error. I mostly learned from my mistakes.

Eventually, I made at least a dozen birthday cakes for family members over a period of several years. It was hard work and time consuming and a lesson in patience, but I had a lot of fun. Several of my attempts ended in disaster. Gravity was never my friend. But, the end result was always worth the effort.

I haven’t decorated a cake in several years, as I no longer have the time, but I still watch all the cake decorating shows and live vicariously through the artists.

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