Coolest Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas for Motorcycle Fans

I wanted this cake to be a homemade birthday cake so I printed a picture, cut it out and put it up on the cake as a template for cutting the cake and just a coffee cup for the wheels. The body of the bike is yellow cake; the wheels are chocolate cake. Both were just box mixes (I was focusing on presentation for this one!) baked in 9×13 pans.

For the frosting I used prepared tubs. I used a lot of food coloring (blue, green, red) to get the grayish color for the engine. Also, I used M&Ms to trace around the blue just for fun. The details make it: used M&Ms for headlights, tail lights and exhaust. Then, I used chocolate frosting and sprinkles for the dirt, spraying out the back. I was going to use a piece of cake to cut out flame coming out of the back but didn’t get around to it so instead I put the candles on the back part of the cake so it looked like it was flame coming out of the exhaust when the candles were lit. it was cool! Other last detail: served with Rocky Road ice cream. Clever?

Don’t be too intimidated by these cakes, they’re fun and everyone is impressed because it is a homemade birthday cake.

Coolest Harley Davidson Logo Cake

Cake by Amber S., East Troy, WI

Motorcycle Homemade Birthday Cake

This homemade birthday cake was made for my dad’s work friend. It is dark chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling/crumb coat. Black fondant covers it. The Harley Davidson logo is all hand-cut fondant with a silver dragees border. The flames on the side were first drawn with a blue food-color marker. Then I went over that with three coats of silver fondant glaze. I actually got mad that the blue kept blending in with the silver and I kept trying to cover it up but I actually liked the fade effect it turned out to be! The orange balls around the bottom of the cake are hand molded fondant.

Cool Homemade Cake

Homemade birthday cake by Barbara W., Barnwell, SC

Motorcycle Homemade Birthday Cake

My husband rides a Harley motorcycle and we had a decal that belongs on his truck that I used to make the cake. I’m not an artist but wanted to make a homemade birthday cake so if you take it one section at a time you can make just about anything. I use a toothpick to draw the design into the icing then color it in.

Great Red Dirt Bike Cake

Cake by Emily L., San Jacinto, CA

Motorcycle Homemade Birthday Cake

I baked one 9×13 cake and cut it into the shape of the dirt bike body. I traced a picture of a dirt bike onto wax paper and used that as my guide. Then I used two small spring form pans to make the wheels. I made cupcakes with the remaining batter.

I looked at a picture while I frosted the cake to try to make it look like the real thing. It wasn’t by any means perfect but for my first birthday cake everyone was really impressed.

Amazing Homemade Birthday Cake

Cake by Riece S., Werrington County, NSW Australia

Motorcycle Homemade Birthday Cake

Firstly, I tried to keep the design of the bike very simple. I used black icing for the major design and silver cachous to give the chrome effect then outlined this with white icing to give definition.

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