Coolest Harley Davidson Cake

Coolest Harley Davidson Cake

I made this cake for my nine year old grandson’s birthday. I wanted a Harley cake but one that was just a little different than the ones that I had seen before on cake sites. So this is what I came up with. I bought a old truck with the Harley in the back riding … Read more

Debbie’s 50th Birthday Biker Cake

I wanted to make something with a sense of humor for Debbie’s 50th, but also something pretty, and since it was for a party centerpiece, something everyone could take home a part of and she could still have a ‘birthday cake’ at the end of the night. Cupcakes I made 72 cupcakes, using two different … Read more

Cool Homemade Motorcycle Cake

Birthday Cake Images

This motorcycle cake was a surprise for my husband for his 50th birthday. He knew I was working on a cake for him because he was not allowed in the kitchen most evenings leading up to his birthday! The cake was chocolate with chocolate frosting. I colored some fondant black, brown and grey and then … Read more

Awesome Harley Bike Cake for Lifetime Buddy

The story behind this cake…my step-father called me (he lives in Florida and I’m in Ohio) and told me he wanted to give a cake to his lifetime best bud. When I asked him what he wanted on it he had absolutely NO idea!!  So, I asked what they have in common, what they’ve liked … Read more

Awesome Harley Davidson Cake

Awesome Harley Davidson Cake

This awesome Harley Davidson cake was a fun cake to make for a friend of mine. First I baked 4 small round 9 inch layers and iced between and around each layer. I then covered the entire cake with black fondant. I then printed the Harley Davidson logo off the computer.  I put rice paper on … Read more

Coolest Harley Cake

Coolest Harley Cake

This Harley cake was a 10″ round double layer spice cake. It is covered in black butter cream (I know, but she wanted black butter cream even after I told her it will turn her mouth colors!) with the Harley emblem and flames around the base cut from fondant. (That emblem was a pain to cut out! But I … Read more

Harley Cake for a Celebration of Life

Harley Cake for a Celebration of Life

I was asked to do this Harley cake for a celebration of Life for a Harley lover. I was given a picture of the bike and asked to replicate it. Sure of course I can. Looked easier than it was to do. We (my husband and I) started a week ahead of time. We had to  plan … Read more

Cool Harley Davidson Birthday Cake

Cool Harley Davidson Birthday Cake

The person I made this cake for owned a Harley.  The motorcycle was a toy.  I shaped fondant to look like the Harley symbol and wrote Happy Birthday Gene.  Gene was also turning 50, so I made the speed limit sign reflect that.  I put fondant flames along the bottom and used food glitter to give … Read more

Mom’s Harley Davidson Cake

Mom's Harley Davidson Cake

This cake was for my mom’s surprise birthday party. She loves everything Harley and love her bike! So what better cake than a  Harley Davidson cake! It’s a all white cake but in between each layer there is bright orange frosting. The Willie G Skull on top and the spikes around the top tier are made out of fondant.  … Read more

Cool BMW R69S Birthday Cake

Cool BMW R69S Birthday Cake

My dad is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. His favorite bike of all time is the BMW r69s. So for his 60th birthday, I made him a BMW r69s cake! It’s a chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream frosting. I used a picture of the bike to make it as close as possible, and drew the bike on … Read more

Coolest MotoX Supreme Birthday Cake

Homemade MotoX Supreme Birthday Cake

This MotoX Supreme Birthday Cake was made for my nephew who just turned 4. The cake in total took about 8 hours and my husband had to build a support system for it (using wood, hinges, and dowel rods). The base of the cake is made covered in buttercream and dusted with brown sugar to … Read more

Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Harley Birthday Cake

Homemade Harley Birthday Cake

This Harley Birthday Cake was for my boyfriend, I surprised him at work. The cake is funfetti cake from scratch from a recipe I found online, the icing is buttercreme from a recipe I got from a Wilton cake class. I took a picture of the Harley emblem and cut it out of a 1/4 … Read more

Coolest Motorcycle Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas 0

I wanted this cake to be a homemade birthday cake so I printed a picture, cut it out and put it up on the cake as a template for cutting the cake and just a coffee cup for the wheels. The body of the bike is yellow cake; the wheels are chocolate cake. Both were … Read more

Awesome 3D Harley Birthday Cake

Homemade Harley Birthday Cake

My brother’ girlfriend wanted to make a Harley Birthday Cake for his 34th birthday. She found a picture of a cake she liked on the internet and me, her, and the children worked together as a family to make a cake made from love that would be as special to my brother as he is … Read more

Coolest Motorcycle Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas 1

This homemade birthday cake was made for my dads work friend. It is dark chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling/crumb coat. Black fondant covers it. The Harley Davidson logo is all hand-cut fondant with a silver dragees border. The flames on the side were first drawn with a blue food-color marker. Then I went over … Read more

Coolest Father’s Day Harley Davidson Cake

Coolest Father's Day Harley Davidson Cake

This was a Father’s Day Harley Davidson Cake for my dad. He is a Harley owner so I thought I would make him a Harley cake. I used a 9 inch square cake pan, one chocolate cake mix. The Harley emblem is fondant and gumpaste colored with black Wilton gel and the flame are also … Read more

Fun Homemade Harley Davidson Cake

Harley Davidson Cake

My husband’s cousin was getting married and his wife-to-be really wanted something original for the groom’s cake. Of course they are really big into Harley Davidson motor cycles and she asked me to come up with something. I used a vanilla boxed cake mix and Wilton butter cream icing for this Harley Davidson cake. Note: … Read more

Coolest Motorcycle Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas 2

My husband rides a Harley motorcycle and we had a decal that belongs on his truck that I used to make the cake. Im not an artist but wanted to make a homemade birthday cake so if you take it one section at a time you can make just about anything. I use a toothpick … Read more

Motorcycle Cake

Motorcycle Cake

I made this Motorcycle cake a while back for a bride looking to surprise her groom with a replica of his motorcycle. It serves 50+. First, my husband cut a piece of wood that was the shape of the motorcycle body. I wrapped it in foil them placed the cake on top. Two short wood … Read more

Coolest Homemade Harley Birthday Cake for a 60th Birthday Party

Homemade Harley Birthday Cake

I made this Harley birthday cake for a friend’s 60th birthday. He really likes Harley Davidson and his wife wanted something special. It was vary easy to make. I started with 2 twelve inch yellow cakes and iced them with cream cheese icing. Then I rolled out some black butter cream fondant, and placed it … Read more

Coolest Motorcycle Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas 3

I baked one 9×13 cake and cut it into the shape of the dirt bike body. I traced a picture of a dirt bike onto wax paper and used that as my guide. Then I used two small spring form pans to make the wheels. I made cupcakes with the remaining batter. I looked at … Read more


Harley "Hawgs"

This motorcycle cake was made for a friend’s husband, and we all know that a Harley is the only “true” bike. The cake was a great yellow cake, baked in 8″ pans, prepared the standard way. The cakes were frozen,(always!),overnight. I leveled the cakes, torted them, and filled them with a purchased Mississippi Mud pie … Read more

Coolest Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Cake

Homemade Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Cake

This Harley Davidson 50th birthday cake was a labor of love for my husband’s 50th birthday. It is actually 1/3 scale of his bike with many hours photographing and measuring his bike to get it in proportion. It is a chocolate liqueur mud cake covered in fondant. The wheels are sculpted from foam cake dummy … Read more