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Homemade Phineas and Ferb Birthday Cake

I had a very hard time finding anything Phineas & Ferb for my daughter’s 2nd birthday so I just did this myself. I baked 2 sheet cakes(chocolate), put chocolate canned frosting in the middle and used cream cheese & vanilla canned frosting for the top and sides and decorations. I leveled the cakes and stacked them and did a crumb(dirty ice) coat and put it in the freezer for about an hour and a half. I had drawn out Phineas’ face on parchment paper(free hand) and drew the other characters and logo onto rolled fondant with edible markers(primary colors—bought at walmart) all done free hand, and put them in my cold garage(wintertime) with parchment paper on top to make them a little bit hard. After the cake frosting(dirty ice) was hard I took the parchment paper and placed it on top of the cake, and took a toothpick and poked the important points so that I could draw it again to size. I knew if I messed it up then it would be ok because I still had icing to put on it. I colored the frosting with food coloring, and frosted all the colors and the top and then took black icing and a round tip and cleaned up the outline. I used frosting as glue and put on the fondant characters. It took a long time but was worth my daughter’s face and how proud I was with my creation!

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