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Cool Homemade Ladybug Cake and Cupcakes

I used a round pyrex oven safe bowl for the body. White cake mix that I used deco food dye to make the inside rainbow. The head is a cupcake that I just used black icing on. Then did three black dots on either side. And White for the face.

The cupcakes spell out Happy Birthday MaKenna. One letter per cupcake. I did them in green and to look like leafs.

To make the Rainbow. I used the Food dye in the cake section of the craft store. Seperated the cake mix after I added everything into 6 bowls. Then I used about very little dye for each color mixed it up then added it a spoon full at a time in the bowl. It took about 35 minutes to cook in my oven.

This was my daughters First birthday cake.

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