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Littlest Pet Shop Toys Cake – Almost a Caketastrophy!

For my granddaughter’s 7th birthday I made a Littlest Pet Shop cake at her request.

I love making fondant figures!  For this cake I made 7 pets:  a dog, a cat, a mouse, a whale, a tropical fish, a pig and a bird.  (I used homemade fondant except for black.)    I used homemade decorator icing, but a box cake mix.  The pig was in a puddle of chocolate ganache.

One of my cakes can take a week or more to complete.  I don’t work 8 hours a day, but it is a very time consuming process… and I do need my me time!  LOL!  Luckily my sister always bails me out at the last minute.  She comes and helps with the icing and final construction.  She did all the grass on the cake which took FOREVER!

I called this a “near caketastropy” because I was able to salvage the cake unlike my first “complete caketastrophy.”  My complete caketastrophy was a total  collapse of a Doc McStuffins medical bag at midnight the day of the party!  It was poorly engineering on my part.  Sometimes my stupidity has no bounds.

My problem this time was too much weight on one corner of the cake.  Luckily I was able to support it before the Little Pet Shop fell off the cake!  Another lesson in engineering learned… don’t put 2 ½ layers of heavily iced house with fondant shingles on the corner of a single layer rectangular cake!  I ended up having to make two wedges out of heavy plastic (used for making quilt patterns). There was also cardboard and dowel rods involved!  Then the cake had to be transported in the trunk of the car for 70 miles.  Thank goodness the LPS was still standing when we got to the party!

My next cake will be for my youngest granddaughter.  Hopefully, I will be smarter by then!

pig in a puddle of chocolate ganache

You may notice the LPS leaning.

The wedges that prevented a total caketastrophy!