Coolest Bunny Birthday Cake

Coolest Bunny Birthday Cake

I made this bunny birthday cake for my 8 year old bunny lover! This cake was fun and easy to make. My granddaughter wanted a bunny cake with 3 layers and that is what she’s getting.  How I Made This Bunny Birthday Cake I looked on the internet for bunny ideas.  I’m not very good at painting details … Read more

Littlest Pet Shop Toys Cake – Almost a Caketastrophy!

For my granddaughter’s 7th birthday I made a Littlest Pet Shop cake at her request. I love making fondant figures!  For this cake I made 7 pets:  a dog, a cat, a mouse, a whale, a tropical fish, a pig and a bird.  (I used homemade fondant except for black.)    I used homemade decorator icing, … Read more

Crazy Cool Angry Birds Cake

Crazy Cool Angry Birds Cake

For his 7th birthday my grandson wanted an Angry Birds Cake.  My daughter said, “Mom, don’t get to elaborate.”  To whom does she think she is talking???  My middle name is Elaborate when it comes to anything I do for my grandchildren! Now one reason she said that is because she has both of her … Read more

Dreamy Dora Ballerina Cake

Dreamy Dora Ballerina Cake

I let my grandchildren choose their birthday cake theme.  At first my granddaughter wanted a ballerina cake because she had just started ballet class.  Then she changed her mind as 4 year old’s often do.  She decided on Dora the Explorer…so I made Dora a ballerina. I also made Boots and Swiper ballerinas.  The “boys” … Read more

Marvelous Monkey First Birthday Cake

Marvelous Monkey Cake

For my youngest granddaughter’s first birthday her mommy wanted a cake with monkeys. Her room has monkeys and her nick name is “Monkey.” We found napkins with monkeys and I patterned the monkeys on the cake after the ones on the napkins. The cake is on a Wilton 3-tier party stand. I started preparing over … Read more

Cool Homemade Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake

Homemade Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake

My 7 year old granddaughter loves the Disney princesses. This year’s princess was Sleeping Beauty thus the Sleeping Beauty birthday cake. The castle is a double layer 8″ round cake with butter cream icing. I used the Wilton Castle Cake Set which makes a castle really easy. Sleeping Beauty’s bed is a double layer chocolate … Read more

Cool Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake for my Grandson

Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake

My grandson LOVES dinosaurs! For his 5th birthday I made (what I think was) a super Dinosaur birthday cake! I used rice krispies to make a volcano. I used a doll dress cake pan to get the shape. The lava is melted Jolly Rancher candies. I shaped them by putting them on tin foil that … Read more