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Lottery Ticket Cake: The Winner is Grandma!

This cake was made for my Grandmother’s 85th birthday party. She loves the lottery, especially the beloved scratch off tickets. Every holiday or event she receives them from everyone and she can’t wait to scratch them. This cake was made as part of this theme!

The cake was inspired by the Pennsylvania lottery. It used a basic scratch off ticket as the template. The winning number was made her age, 85. The numbers on the top of the cake are the number of kids 5, grand kids 8, and great grand kids 13. The 19 and 29 on the bottom represent the year she was born.

The guests could not believe that time and effort that went into the cake. The entire cake was edible and was made with butter cream frosting and fondant. The batter was half spice and half chocolate, her favorite and my favorite! It was made yellow and purple, again her favorite and my favorite! The fondant was cut out using a machine and a specific font disk to make sure that they were all symmetrical.

This was a very difficult cake to make and took a lot of time to put on all the lettering and making sure that everything would fit on it. I had to make a preliminary cake on cardboard with all the decorations to get everything to the correct size. It was just a process but not hard at all.

This was a huge hit at the party. Guests arriving thought it was a great idea. One Uncle made the joke that she couldn’t scratch this one! Others were stating that this was the exact cake that represents Grandma. There was some explanation that needed to be done on the number of kids, grand kids, great grand kids, and year she was born.  Most people didn’t get that right away.

I loved the cake and so did the guests and guest of honor, Grandma!