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10+ Coolest Princess Cake Ideas

This cool collection of Princess cake cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Princess cake cake ever. You’ll find cake design ideas for Ariel, Anna and Elsa, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Sofia, Aurora and Snow White. Good luck!

Awesome Ariel Cake

Princess cake submitted by Karen H.

Awesome Ariel Princess Cake
Ariel Birthday Cake

I wanted to surprise my step-daughter with an Ariel themed cake for her birthday. I essentially combined multiple ideas I had seen of pictures of Ariel cakes. Also, I borrowed one of her Ariel dolls for the cake. I would definitely consider myself a beginner when it comes to cake decorating, but I was so pleased with how this turned out. She was super excited about it.

I made a homemade funfetti cake in 9” round pans and decorated it with an ombre buttercream. I made a vanilla pudding filling for between the layers. The rock is also made out of funfetti cake and was baked in a small mixing bowl along with a cupcake for extra height. I covered the rock in fondant that I colored brown.

I covered her tail in green fondant and used a decorator tip for the scales and also made her a top out of fondant. With the help of much icing, she was able to sit on top of the rock. The coral was made with some help from her dad using royal icing. He drew it free hand on parchment paper and then we attached once it had hardened.

The shells are made out of candy melts. The only decorations I did not make were a couple of the sugar decorations (including Flounder) and the candle on the cake.

Dual Dress Anna and Elsa Frozen Cake

Princess cake submitted by Leticia D.

Dual Dress Anna and Elsa Frozen Cake

I made this Anna and Elsa Frozen cake for my daughter who like pretty much every girl wanted a Frozen themed cake for her 7th birthday.  I knew it had to be a dress cake so I decided to do one with both dolls.

To start off, I baked two 8 inch round cakes, one 6 inch round cake,  and I used a silicone doughnut shaped pan to make the top of the cake.

After I leveled the cakes and did a crumb coat, I wrapped the dolls’ legs in plastic wrap and stuck them inside.

I made Elsa’s ruffles with a Wilton tip 102, and I used tip 32 for the round swirls on Anna’s side.

Then, I iced the bottom of Anna’s side with a butter knife, and then used green and red colored icing in Ziploc bags to create her flowers.

I rolled out fondant in 2 long ovals for each side of each dress and made them look like the fabulous princesses they are.

Then I added a fondant number “7” and a bow I made a few days before to harden.

My daughter loved her cake!

Dual Dress Anna and Elsa Frozen Cake

Dual Dress Anna and Elsa Frozen Cake

Cool Homemade Disney Princess Cake

Princess cake submitted by Faslona M.

Coolest Disney Princess Cake

I made this pretty pink Disney princess cake for a 4 year girl.

It is a chocolate cake layered with chocolate butter cream icing.  It’s covered in sugar paste. I couldn’t find my round nozzle and I was about to panic when I realized that I can use a plastic packet and cut the tip off to pipe the curls for the flowers.

I still have a bit of an unsteady hand with the piping but I am sure there will be improvement as I practice. The piping is done with royal icing.

There was a very delighted mommy and daughter at the end of this cake delivery.

Cool Cinderella and her Fairy God Mother Cake

Princess cake submitted by Jennifer O.

Cinderella Princess Cake

I made this Cinderella and her Fairy God Mother cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday.  She really wanted a doll cake which I wasn’t keen on but I decided to do it for her with a twist by adding the Fairy God Mother.

Fairy God Mother face was modeled out of fondant and hand painted.  Her body was molded Rice Krispy Treats.  In her hand is a small firework sparkler which we lit along with the candle to sing Happy Birthday and recreate the magical moment Fairy God Mother transforms Cinderella into the beautiful Belle of the Ball.

Cinderella is the Disney Store Doll, wrapped in cling film and placed into a cake carved to the shape of her dress.  I used logs of fondant underneath the outer layer to create the ripples in her dress.  And I created a wired star arrangement to recreate the sparkles all around her as her dress is transformed.

The cakes sit on to separate bases embossed with a star design.  One reads “Happy Birthday” and the other “May all the dreams you wish come true.”

In the end I fell in love with this cake and was so glad I decided to make it for my little girl.

Belle of the Ball Cake

Princess cake submitted by Adriel H.

Testing Upload

My daughter was never really into Barbies or Disney princesses. When she came to me and asked for a Belle Barbie cake for her birthday, I was a bit surprised, but I figured I could do it. I did however know I did not want to spend $40 on a doll cake.

I got lucky in finding a bath time Belle doll who had clothes painted onto her body! It made it bit less messy.

I made a double chocolate devil’s food dome cake and then carved out an area for the doll. When I placed her in… uh oh… the cake only came up mid-thigh. My heart stopped! I had no idea what I was going to do… do I dare break her legs off and then give the cake to my 6 year old…. uhhhhh no. hahaha. I scowered my kitchen for ideas, then I found a bag of marshmallows and the yellow light bulb lit above my head!

Then, I iced the top of the cake and put the marshmallows around the doll hole on top. Perfect! But now I no longer had enough fondant, almost had it, lol.  Lucky I had extra icing! I put the fondant around the dome and decorated it. After that, I used pink cake decorating powder on the pink fondant  and then piped white along the edges and added pearl sprinkles to give it a lace feel. I used the edge of a cup to make the folds in the “fabric”. Then I took my extra icing and covered the marshmallows. I made flowers out of fondant and used the pearl sprinkles in the center and attached them with icing.

For all the problems that arose in the making of this cake, I thought it turned out pretty darn good, haha. Most importantly my daughter loved it!

Awesome Jasmine on Comfy Cushions Cake

Princess cake submitted by Romina

Awesome Jasmine on Comfy Cushions CakeThe Disney Princesses are and will remain always a favorite with young little girls. A few weeks ago a lady phoned me to order a birthday cake for her daughter who was turning 8. She told me that she wanted a princess Jasmine’s cake. She also told me that she had a plastic figurine of Jasmine which her daughter loved a lot and that she wanted me to put it onto the cake. Her only concern was that the figurine wasn’t very big although she wanted a really big cake.

After thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that if I did a 3 tier cake with the upper cake being the smallest, the figurine won’t look that smaller than the cake underneath it. A few weeks before, I had bought a set of novelty cushion cake pans which I haven’t used yet and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to try them out.

Creating the Cushion

To create a complete cushion you need to bake two cakes with the same pan, then sandwich them together and the cushion is created. So I baked 6 marble cakes, I dirty iced each cake and covered all the parts with different colored fondant. Then I laid some vanilla butter cream between each cake and created the 3 cushions. Then I stacked them on top of each other, biggest one underneath,  medium sized in the middle and the smallest one on top. When the cake was  assembled I started to add some decorations like the stitching effect on the lowest one, the borders of the cushions and some flowers too. The last thing to do was putting Jasmine’s figurine on top, sitting on a flying carpet.

I was very excited about this cake, first of all because it was the biggest cake I’ve made so far, second because it was the first time that I used the cushions cake pans and technique and the last reason being the transportation of this huge cake to the party venue. Luckily everything went smoothly and I think the result speaks for itself.

Disney Tiana and Friends Birthday Cake

Princess cake submitted by Jessie L.

Disney Tiana and Friends Princess Cake

I made this for my 2 little girls 2nd and 4th birthday.  I bought the Tiana barbie doll and baked 5, 4 inch round cakes, froze them (they carve much easier this way), stacked them, gently shoved the doll in the middle and placed the fondant as the dress.  The base is made of round cakes also frozen so I can carve it to look like a lily pad.  The board the cake is on is also covered in blue fondant to look like water.  The characters were store bought toys.

Disney Tiana and Friends Birthday Cake

Princess and the Frog Wedding Shower Cake

Princess cake submitted by Ashlie W.

Princess and the Frog Wedding Shower Cake

I made this Princess and the Frog cake for my best friend’s wedding shower. We have been friends since 3rd grade! She had been divorced previously and was hesitant to start dating again. After years of dating and many horrible first and last dates and failed relationships, she has found her Mr. Right. Before announcing their plans to marry she made a post on Facebook that read something like “I am so glad I made my way through the sea of frogs to find my prince.”

When she asked me to make her cake, I was so excited to do a play off of that post! I used two 10″ rounds. Also, I used devils food cake and also used a caramel sauce to soak into the layers for extra flavor and moisture. I cut a wedge out of the top 10″ round and placed that on the top of the cake to create the “ledge” effect. The cake is covered in chocolate butter cream icing and decorated with fondant and green butter cream icing.

Using MMF – Marshmallow Fondant


The pond is made from MMF that was painted with green and blue food coloring. I used MMF to make the flowers, stones, and lily pads.

The bride and frog prince are also made from MMF. I used a stone texture mat to give the gray the stone look. The climbing vines and grass are green butter cream icing. The biggest challenge for me with this cake was making the bride!! This was my first fondant figure and I am including a picture of my first attempt. I texted my mom a picture of my first bride asking her did the bride look African American. The fondant was so soft, the bride just kept sinking lower and lower until she was very short and fat. I thought, well I could pose her as bent down on her knees by the pond? But after my mom said she DID look African American (the bride is not!) I decided I needed a re-do.

I really enjoyed making this cake and everyone at the wedding shower had nothing but great things to say. The shower was at a restaurant and the waitress took a picture of the cake on her phone and later asked for my business card! I have only done cakes for friends and family, never sold a cake in my life…LOL!

Princess and the Frog Wedding Shower Cake

Princess and the Frog Wedding Shower Cake

Princess and the Frog Wedding Shower Cake

Princess and the Frog Wedding Shower Cake

Coolest Princess Aurora Birthday Cake

Princess cake submitted by Pearl C.

Coolest Princess Aurora Birthday Cake

I made this Princess Aurora birthday cake for my stepson’s girlfriend Emma who was 22 yrs old! No, I haven’t  made a mistake and put too many 2s ! We had just returned from a trip to Disney and that was all she could talk about.  That’s what gave me the idea and as I have 3 grandsons. It was nice to do something ‘girly’. We went for a meal and I got the waitress to bring it. Her face said it all and I don’t think she would have been any happier if she’d have won the lottery….the only draw back was….she didn’t want to cut it.

Coolest Princess Aurora Birthday Cake

Cool Sofia the First Cake

Princess cake submitted by Rianna S.

Cool Sofia the First Cake

My name is Rianna. This was started as a regular Barbie cake but Walmart only had the large Sofia doll.

I used a Pampred chef mixing bowl for the skirt. I am very impatient when working with fondant and I always end up in tears in the beginning because things don’t look like they will work out but by the end every cake is my favorite.

My favorite part of this cake are the gum paste characters. This was my first time using gum paste in place of regular fondant. They were so fun to create. This was made with half yellow and half chocolate cake and buttercream frosting.

I add an extra egg and a box of pudding to make the cake hold shape. The little gum paste daisies were inspired by the birthday girl Daisy.

The cake was a huge hit at the princess themed birthday party. The host didn’t even want to cut it.

Coolest Snow White Cake

Princess cake submitted by Helen

Homemade Snow White Cake

This is a traditional Princess birthday cake… make a sponge “skirt” and then put an appropriate doll in the top. I did mine by cooking two Victoria sponges, one in a large Pyrex bowl and the second in a smaller Pyrex bowl… I did find that they took ages to cook and started to burn slightly… so my advice is to cover them with grease-proof paper when you are cooking.

Once cooled, I inverted them and had to take a slice off the larger one so that the smaller one fitted well… I stuck them together with jam. I managed to find a Snow White doll dressed as ballerina, which was perfect because I avoided having to cut her skirt. My husband discovered that her legs clicked off, so only had to cut a small hole in the top for her to sit (and my daughter got a new doll to play with after the cake was eaten!).

I covered the homemade Snow White cake in yellow buttercream (it takes quite a bit of colouring to get a decent yellow colour) and then decorated with sweets. In hindsight, I should have piped stars all over to make the skirt… the effect would have been more dramatic…. next time maybe! The look on my daughter’s face was worth the late night…she immediately ran upstairs to dress up as Snow White!

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