Millenium Falcon Cake

For my husbands 26th birthday I decided to make him a cake as usual… this time I wanted to go for something fun. I got him the DVD release of the original Star Wars trilogy. He loves the Millenium Falcon, so I made a Millenium Falcon cake!

I made a thin cake on a cookie sheet for the base, then a large round pan (10 inch I believe) for the main body of the ship. I used an 8×8 square pan for the front portions of the ship and cut them to size. I didn’t have any fancy icing colors, so instead of grey and black I used pale blue and chocolate with buttercream icing.

I had all the candles at the back for a “lightspeed” effect when lit. I was pleased with how it turned out… even though my decorator tube “blew up” while I was working. So, I just figured it was battle damaged.

My husband loved his Millenium Falcon cake.

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