Cool Homemade Star Wars Theme Birthday Cakes – Death Star and Millenium Falcon

As with all the birthday cakes that I have to make, I need to make cakes for 20-30 people. Usually I can’t use a mold.

On this birthday, we had 2 parties, one with the family, and one with friends (and he insisted on having different cakes).

So I made a Millenium Falcon with fondant (my first attempt) but also put real chocolate icing under. Then, I attempted (with fondant again) to do a Stormtrooper head with 2 round cakes.

Finally, I got a mold and did a Death STar cake with real vanilla icing (using some black color drops).

This was my first and last attempt at fondant. It may be easier and look better but it doesn’t taste good. Everyone agreed that the Death Star cake was the best cake (and really hard to carry from home to the party place). I carried that Death Star on a board, on my lap, while driving and wearing a white shirt. If the cake would have moved, I would have messed up the cake and my outfit (not always very smart).

I need to learn to put some stabilizer when I make round cakes.

Star wars theme

Star wars theme