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Not Crabby….Happy Birthday Cake

This is a celebration cake. My grandson has autism and had a rough couple years at elementary school.  But things were looking up.  He was making great effort and for this grading period. He came home with a great report card and we all felt it was worth a celebration.

We took him to our local seafood place so he could order his favorite meal of  crab’s legs. Even though it was on short notice I decided a  cake would be a great way to end our meal. I didn’t even have time to bake one so I used a cake I already had in my freezer to make this crab. The “sand” is graham crackers and the “shells” I made from white chocolate with a candy mold. He was so surprised to get a cake when it wasn’t even his birthday and everyone loved it. It was such a memorable family gathering and a great way to mark his improvements in school.