Coolest Fish Ocean Birthday Cake

This cake was not hard to make at all, but it did require a lot of prep work. I saw a very similar homemade fish ocean birthday cake online and my son loved it. This is what I came up with.

1. I had to make a batch of sugar cookies cut out in the shape of a fish and stars. Then I iced them orange. Let the orange dry. Once it was dry, put a layer of white icing to create stripes and eyes. For the stars, I just dotted them with white icing to give the look of a star fish.

2. I made shark, stars, and turtle chocolates. If I had been better prepared, I would have had chocolate pellets in the right colors for them. Although, they did match the fish and starfish cookies so it actually looked good.

3. Crush up graham crackers to use as sand (you could also use brown sugar, but I thought that the graham crackers would go nicely with the chocolate cake).

4. Bake the cake – I baked half of it chocolate and half of it vanilla.

5. Make Buttercream icing tinting it a blue/green for water. Ice the cake giving it a wavy feel.

6. Add the cookies, chocolate, and I bought fish shaped candles too.

7. Put Graham crackers one side of the homemade fish ocean birthday cake. Again, I put it on the chocolate side. I then topped the graham crackers with sea shells made from sugar bought at the cake shop in town.

This was a fun cake and my son loved it.

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