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Cake by Jenny C., Newport News, VA

Backyardigan's Pablo Penguin Cake Photos and Tips

For this Pablo penguin cake I used a Wiltons Backyardigans cake pan and Duncan Hines yellow cake mix. I also used my mother’s buttercream icing recipe! I always add some type of sprinkles or ribbon to make it stand out some. I took about three hours for all of it from bake to decorate to deliver for my cousin’s son’s first birthday!

Cake by Dawn W., Brooklyn, NY

Pablo Penguin Cake

This is a Pablo penguin cake which I decorated in fondant. I used the Wiltons cake pan for shape. All features I had sculpted and shaped. Figures on cake are fondant made and painted. I couldn’t believe they came out so real and all handmade. The customer was so overly pleased with the outcome for this cake.

Cake by Christopher N., Chico, CA

Pablo Penguin Cake

For Sammy’s one-and-a-half birthday (the numbers say 1.5 – the decimal point is a little rubber ball) I wanted to make her a Pablo penguin cake and put Pablo her favorite, on the cake. I found a ‘color Pablo in’ printout on the internet cut around him and traced his outline on the cake with a toothpick. I did the outline in black (not so good: the icing had a licorice taste) and filled him in. Sammy was very happy to see Pablo on her cake!

Cake by Lisa P., Williamsville, NY

Pablo Penguin Cake

This Pablo the penguin cake was made on a simple 8 1/2 by 11 cake pan. I drew Pablo on a piece of paper and then I poked holes around the outline of the image ahead of time. I frosted it with Wiltons butter cream frosting. I added more milk to make it easier to spread.

I let that dry and placed the paper on the cake and I used a toothpick to poke through the pre-made holes. This way I have a pattern on the cake. I then outlined everything and filled it in with stars. I used the top of a cup cake for the soccer ball.

Cake by Lorie R., Cypress, TX

Pablo Penguin Cake

My son really liked The Backyardigans especially Pablo. So for his third birthday I made this Pablo penguin cake and put an igloo from “The Yeti” episode on it – his favorite by the way. We have a large family and with friends attending I knew the cake had to serve a lot.

The rectangular sheet cake is just Pillsbury yellow cake mix with pudding (I like this mix the best because it stays real moist) covered with buttercream icing. Then I sprayed it with blue frosting spray you can find in the baking area of your grocery store near the other cake accessories. For Pablo I used the same mix except I baked him in a loaf pan so it would be deep enough to make him 3D. Then I just cut away the excess cake until I got the right shape. Hint: it is easier to cut when the cake has been in the freezer for a few hours. To make sure Pablo didn’t fall off I secured him by sticking wooden skewers through part of him and the bottom cake.

After that I iced him with colored ready-made icing so I could get the vibrant colors. His spinner on his hat is made from a toothpick and just regular paper colored in with a red marker. His eyes are made by cutting a miniature marshmallow in half and adding a dot of blue gel icing to the center. His beak is a yellow Starburst candy cut diagonally.

Now for the igloo, the inside is just leftover cake pieces I cut off from shaping Pablo and stacked in a mound. Then I started stacking sugar cubes and used buttercream icing to secure them in place.

My son loved his Pablo penguin cake and so did everyone else. I look forward to this every year and find a lot of great ideas from this website. Thanks!

Cake by Jolene H., Trinway, OH

Pablo Penguin Cake

My daughter wanted a Backyardigans theme for her 3rd birthday…and since Uniqua and Pablo are her favorite this was who I made. After searching the internet for a Backyardigans birthday cake I was unsuccessful (except for the recipe on Nick Jr. which sounded far too difficult and expensive seeing as I was searching for a free cake design).

I didn’t have any templates or patterns… just her stuffed critters as my patterns.

I made three nine inch round cakes with two store-bought cake mixes (I made cupcakes with the remainder of the batter). I used Wilton colors and adjusted them to my needs.

For the icing I found this recipe online…

Pablo Penguin Cake

For the Pablo penguin cake I had one round cake as his face and frosted it blue. I also made a pattern (with paper) for his beak and cap and cut them out of the “spare” cake. I stuck them on to the cake with toothpicks. I needed a lighter blue (for the base) a darker blue (for his cap) yellow (beak cap) red (in between two parts of beak) black and white (eyes).

Cake by Vanessa S., Oak Hill, WV

Pablo Penguin Cake

This Pablo Penguin cake was for my one year old nephew’s birthday.

The head is an 8” round orange supreme with classic white icing and food coloring for Pablo’s colors. The beanie is a piece of the cake that I cut from the 14 in round bottom. I cut it out so that the body would fit the head. It’s made from chocolate also with classic white icing. I just took a sharp knife and cut out the shape of his body.

The topper on the beanie is just a tooth pick wrapped in craft foam and then I cut out the propeller and hot glued it to the end. It’s the only part not edible.

The pupils are just gel icing for writing as well as red in the mouth. The beak was made by chilling the first layer of piped icing and then piping on more until I reached the right shape and 3d effect.

I also piped extra icing on the feet to keep the 3d effect.

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