My niece loves everything to do with princesses. She wanted a princess castle cake, so my daughter said she would make the cake. This was going to be her gift to Aubree.

Making the Princess Castle Cake

She started baking cakes, buying fondant, and doing everything else she needed to do. When it came to the decorating she got so nervous because this was her first castle cake. She started early that day but was up half the night. In the end she made a beautiful cake. She went to the party and put the cake in her car to deliver it because she wanted to make sure it got there in one piece.

When she entered the party with the cake, Aubree was so excited that she got a princes castle cake. Everyone commented on what a good job she had done on the cake and how good it tasted.  The cake was covered in buttercream frosting with some fondant and decorated with all the trimmings. The only thing that was not edible was the points on the cake. They were plastic and covered with blue fondant. Most of the rest of the cake was edible.

The look on Aubree’s face when she saw her cake was priceless. Purchasing a cake like this  would clearly be over $100 dollars. It was so pretty that they hated to cut into it. They all asked her how she made it.

Whenever I see people looking for someone to make a homemade cake, I share a picture of this cake and it gets so many compliments.

I have to admit this is one of my favorite cakes that my daughter has made and she has made a few since this cake already. She sometimes makes four cakes a month just for friends and family. I think you will agree this cake is awesome.