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12+ Pretty Homemade Princess Cakes

This cool collection of pretty Princess cakes is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Princess cakes ever. Good luck!

Coolest Princess Czkes

Dancing Princess Barbie Doll Cake

Princess cakes submitted by Victoria S.

Coolest Dancing Princess Barbie Doll Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

This was my very first fondant cake!! My twin nieces love anything that has to do with princesses. For their 4th birthday they got a regular Barbie doll cake (the one with a plastic doll on top), they were on cloud nine, they thought it was the best cake ever!! I, on the other hand, thought that the inedible doll kind of ruined the whole thing. So this year I decided to make a princess cake where everything would be edible! I watched hundreds of YouTube videos, purchased all kinds of tools, gum paste, fondant , etc.

I decided to make a silicone mold of a doll head and I wasted quite a bit of fondant before I finally made my princess head! It came out looking perfect! I let it dry for a couple of days, then I drew on her eyes, teeth and lips and attached “hair” made of fondant. The rest was a piece of cake (pun intended). Funny enough, even though I had bought quite a few cake making tools, the one “tool” I used the most was a regular toothpick! I used it for everything from making her fingers to her hair to the bow.

When the whole thing was assembled, a piece of one arm  (at the shoulder) broke off making it much shorter than the other! I had no time to have a new one made, this is why I decided to have my princess with her arms up (this way the difference is not noticeable), and called it “Dancing Princess”. My nieces couldn’t believe the whole thing was a cake and kept saying “she looks just like Barbie!” and  “how did you do it?” Half a year later they still talk about this cake.

Flower Fairy Princess Birthday Cake

Princess cakes submitted by Jules H.

Fairy Princess Birthday Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

I made the body for this fairy princess birthday cake about a week in advance, used a mold I had pre-done using food grade moulding gel and a doll. I used half fondant half gum paste for the body and face, used a piece of spaghetti for stability, painted on her features aside from her eyes.

Used a play doh extruder for the hair. Cut out circles for petals and thinned them out. It’s very time consuming, I re made the head about 7 times as I’m very picky when it comes to faces.

I used a red velvet cake in A dolly varden tin, one recipe was enough and made it a surprise cake with M&M’s inside by cutting it in half hollowing out a little and putting the M&M’s inside then icing it back together.

I used vanilla buttercream under the petals, can create any type of fairy, this one was similar to the birthday girl. It was so much fun making this fairy princess birthday cake!

Princess Cupcake Dress

Princess cakes submitted by Chanel

Beautiful Princess Cupcake Dress - Coolest Princess Cakes

I always only use my one recipe which is light and fluffy. I also only use wooden spoon margarine for the cake and the icing, no water with my icing. You get a more butter icing that way and is not over powering with sweetness. My ideas come from my inspiration, who is my daughter and I absolutely love seeing her face when I am done.

Beautiful Princess Dress Cake

Princess cakes submitted by Maria

Beautiful Princess Dress Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

Hi my name is Maria! This Princess Dress Cake was my first fondant cake ever! I have to say I am now addicted to working with fondant! It’s like an artist’s canvas and it opens up the doors to so much creativity!

Well this Princess Dress Cake was for a wedding shower for SIL’s soon to be DIL. Her DIL loves Disney Princesses, so the shower was a Princess Theme. The cake itself was a 1/4 sheet pound cake, double layered with a chocolate buttercream filling.

I sketched a picture of the dress onto wax paper the night before, so I then placed my wax paper stencil over the entire cake and used a large knife to cut the cake along my stencil markings. The stencil helped tremendously! Then once I had my cake trimmed to my satisfaction in the shape of the dress, I crumb coated the entire cake.

Then I rolled out about 2 containers of the Wilton’s White Fondant. This was the part that I was most nervous about, since I had never worked with fondant before. I had studied a YouTube video about it, lol. So I had one little imperfection under the left arm pit of the dress but I was able to carefully perform some patch work.

Thank goodness for Silver Pearl Edible dust, that helped the patch work blend in! Oh the possibilities! I also successfully made my first fondant bow also painted with edible silver pearl dust. I extended the silver pearl dust onto the face of the dress from waist, down…which gave the cake a gorgeous shimmery glow.

Then I carefully and strategically placed white edible pearls along the face of the dress from waist down, almost giving the dress an embossed appearance. I used white sugar crystals on the sleeves of the dress to give them some dimension and POP. I had to lightly brush the fondant sleeves with some cold water first, so the sugar crystals would stick.

Lastly, I placed a princess tiara along the top of the dress and wand along the side, held with icing to help keep them in place. I used a 14″ x 19″ rectangular white cake drum. The cake got rave reviews at the wedding shower!

I also made a pumpkin carriage fondant cake for the wedding shower, which I am also posting on the site! If I could’ve done anything differently, I would have rolled out 3 instead 2 containers of fondant. Otherwise, I really enjoyed making this cake!

Sleepy Little Princess Cake

Princess cakes submitted by Jean M. Thoemke

Sleepy Little Princess Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes
Little Princess Cake

I actually purchased the pans for this pillow cake and wish I had just carved it instead. The pans are great but, you loose so much cake flattening them out to stack.

It was a fun cake to do, for a little princesses birthday. It was a vanilla cake with a cream cheese filling. Frosted with buttercream frosting with cream cheese flavoring. I find that this is easier and more economical to just add flavor to the frosting to cover the cake.

I have found a great way to make it look like material, I use my hand, washed it thoroughly of course, and that gives it a texture of material. The crown was just a simple piece to make. Modeling chocolate and small amount of fondant for firmness.

The hard part was keeping my husband away from it till it formed and hardened; he loves my cakes. The little girl that this was made for was just excited to see it. She told her mom, wow how does she do that. I just love to make everyone happy, with my cakes.

Coolest Princess Cake

Princess cakes submitted by Linda

Coolest Princess Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

A friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her daughters 5th birthday. She purchased a crown and a wand for the topper. I started by covering the cake board in white icing and made a flower pattern all around the edge of the cake board using a small flower cutter.

Then I set this aside to dry out, baked an 8″ round cake and when cold I filled with jam and butter cream. I covered the whole cake in a thin layer of butter cream and placed in the freezer to set.

Using a different cake board I now coloured some icing in pink enough to cover the cake. I covered the cake in the pink icing and then measured a piece of paper the height and diameter of the cake and folded it in half and kept repeating it until I ended up with a strip. I lay this out flat and marked all the edges of the folds with a dot. Then I marked up all the diamond shapes by joining the dots from the top of the paper and placing the ruler diagonally joining with a dot on the bottom of the paper. I did this to make sure it was the right pattern before doing it on the cake.

Then I placed this around the cake and fixed in place with a little sellotape. I made markers around the cake where the dots are using a wooden skewer and then removed the paper and joined the dots up as I did on the paper onto the cake using a ruler I then pushed a hole into each join with a modelling tool and pushed a silver ball into every hole. This was now set aside to harden.

After that I moved the iced cake to the decorated cake board and placed into position. Then I pushed the crown into the top of the cake and using some white and pink icing i made two long thin sausages long enough to go round the cake and I twisted the two colours together and then I placed it into position around the base of the cake and attached using a little water. I then placed the wand on the cake board.

I made a swag and attached the name on and then I attached this to the front of the cake. Then, using a silicon mould I made two pink bows and attached these to each end of the swag. Next I made two flowers to drape over the wand to attach it to the cake I placed these into position and with a little water  and I placed 4 silver balls in the centre of each flower.

Finally, I cut out the wording happy birthday and attached this to the cake board finally I cut out the number 5. The cake is now finished and she loved it.

Last-Minute Princess Birthday Cake

Princess cakes submitted by Jaclyn M.

Beautiful Last-Minute Princess Birthday Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

I did this princess cake very last minute for a friend.  She wanted a princess cake with a tiara.  I made the tiara two days before the party (the day she called me!)  The tiara is gum paste mixed with fondant, and sugar jewels made from isomelt.

I used a 10in and 6in pan for the cake.  The entire cake is covered in fondant and shimmered with luster dust.  The diamond pattern took me at least an hour to complete.  The top layer is decorated with rolled fondant and small cut-out circles. (I used the one of the tips in my baking case.)  The tiny dots in between diamonds are also fondant.  My friend and all her guests loved this cake!  The tiara really set it off!

Beautiful Last-Minute Princess Birthday Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

Pretty Princess Cakes

Princess cakes submitted by Linda

Coolest Princess Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

I was asked if I could make a princess cake for a friend of my daughter in law’s family. Well, I love a challenge and started to make the princess. I looked into how to make the figure on YouTube and set about making it.

It’s the first princess cake I’ve made and was really pleased how the princess had turned out. I used 1/2 fondant 1/2 flower paste to make the icing easier to work with and it hardens too. I made the shape of the body and head first and then the dress was added. When this was dry I then made the arms and using my modeling tools I shaped the neckline of the dress and made patterns on it too.

I then painted the face on the head. With some brown roll out icing using small pieces at a time I made the hair. Next I made some yellow and pink roses and some chunky green leaves and also cut out some small flowers in different colors. I cut out the number 4 in blue icing and attached a couple of flowers to it and set it aside to dry. I cut out all the letters for the wording. These were all left for a few days to dry out.

I baked a 10″ vanilla sponge cake and filled with jam and butter cream and then the whole cake was covered in butter cream and placed in the freezer to chill. Meanwhile I rolled out enough icing in white to cover the cake and when the cake had chilled I covered it. I set it aside for a few hours for the icing to harden.

Now I piped a white beading around the base of the cake and then attached the yellow and pink roses and the leaves to the base of the cake I had made earlier using royal icing. I then attached the small flowers to the cake board and then attached the princess and the wording to the top of the cake.

The young girl came to collect it and she loved it. Yet another pleased customer!

Coolest Princess Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

Disney Princess Cakes

Princess cakes submitted by Faslona M.

Coolest Disney Princess Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

I made this pretty pink Disney princess cake for a 4 year girl.

It is a chocolate cake layered with chocolate butter cream icing.  It’s covered in sugar paste. I couldn’t find my round nozzle and I was about to panic when I realized that I can use a plastic packet and cut the tip off to pipe the curls for the flowers.

I still have a bit of an unsteady hand with the piping but I am sure there will be improvement as I practice. The piping is done with royal icing.

There was a very delighted mommy and daughter at the end of this cake delivery.

Pink Princess Cakes

Princess cakes submitted by Jaclyn M.

Pink Princess Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes
Princess cake

This cake was for a little girl’s very first birthday! Her mother wanted something special. Being a new mother myself, I knew what she meant.  The party was scheduled for Saturday, so I started the cake on Thursday.  Thursday night as I was attempting to crumb coat, my 9 month old woke up upset and would not go back to sleep, nor let me put him down.  After several hours of holding, snuggling, rocking, and singing to him he finally went to sleep.  I was exhausted.

It was 4AM and only half of the first layer was crumb coated. I laid my baby down for the night and finished the first round of icing, and stumbled into bed a little after 5AM.  I was too tired to do anything else. The following day my parents drove over 2 hours to come and help me with the cake, and with my son.  I could not have finished without my mother’s help.  I am very blessed and thankful.  The mother who the cake was for drove 45 minutes to come and pick it up.  Just goes to show what Mother’s will do for their children… no matter how old they are.

Princess Barbie Birthday Cake

Princess cakes submitted by Jenny S.

Coolest Princess Barbie Birthday Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

My daughter kept changing her mind about what type of cake she wanted for her 3rd birthday party. It kept changing between Peppa Pig, Minnie Mouse, Disney princess and Barbie! So I didn’t start planning her Princess Barbie birthday cake until a few days before. I have only sculpted a few cakes before so wasn’t quite sure how it was going to turn out, but it actually was one of the easiest I have made!

I used a Pyrex round bowl to get the top of the skirt shape and 2 small sandwich tins to build up the height, once butter creamed and jammed between all layers, I stabilized it all with a kebab stick and then sculpted the sponge to get full affect of skirt. Then I dug out a small dip at top and checked that barbie with no legs fitted in! Then crumb coated it with butter cream.

Next I rolled and cut small strips of white icing and using a cocktail stick I rolled over the strip edges to make ruffles and attached them all around the base of the skirt, I did 2 layers. Then kneaded some white icing with a drop of pink food coloring, rolled it out to a large circle and carefully placed over the top, working quickly to get a draping effect and trimming where necessary.Then added some pink picking onto top Barbie doll and stuffed her into the hole!

The rest was just decoration, a few flowers, a bow on the back and a large 3.

I was really pleased with the outcome and my daughter loved it.

Coolest Princess Barbie Birthday Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes
Coolest Princess Barbie Birthday Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

Pretty Princess Cakes

Princess cakes submitted by Julie U.

Coolest Princess Birthday Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

Whilst discussing a relative’s 18th birthday cake, my God-daughter, Summer, asked if I would make her birthday cake.” Of course,” I responded, “what kind of cake would you like?”

“I’d like a princess cake Auntie Julie,” at which point her Mum added ” it needs to feed 30″. “Err, ok” I replied nervously.

I had seen other similar cakes which had been made using a Tiffin tin, but was sure that wasn’t going to be enough, so came up with idea of stacking it on top of a Bundt tin. The cake mix is a sponge cake. I split the cone shaped cake into 3 layers, and the bundt into 2 layers, filling them both with raspberry jam and butter cream. I used 3 shades of pink icing to create the dress with glitter and flowers for detail.

My God-daughter was over the moon with the end result. Not sure what I will do for her 6th birthday!

Coolest Princess Birthday Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes
Coolest Princess Birthday Cake - Coolest Princess Cakes

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