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Cool Homemade Castle Birthday Cake Ideas

I made this castle birthday cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She had a princess party theme and decided on a castle cake. To make the cake board I melted green molding wafers and spread that out over the appropriate areas and then covered that with green sugar.

The path was done the same way with icing and graham cracker crumbs. The trees were made out of bristle board and dipped in the melted green wafers. The castle was made out of two square cakes stacked on top of each other and frosted in ivory colored icing.

The towers were bristle board and frosted with the rest of the cake. The turrets were waffle cones dipped in melted purple molding wafers and then rolled in purple sugar. I piped pink icing for the door and windows and green for the gardens around the castle.

I prepared the turrets and cake board before hand and baked the cakes the day before the party and it still took quite a while to assemble and decorate. The look on my daughter’s face when she saw it was definitely worth the work!

Castle Birthday Cake

Cool Castle Cake

Castle birthday cake by Beth P., Hurricane, WV

Castle Birthday Cake

This castle birthday cake was a square pan covered with gray fondant. Towers were Twinkies with top and bottomed trimmed (may need to use 2 Twinkies on top of each other). Then I covered it with gray fondant balls.

Leave opening for windows and doorway. Use black icing for black fondant. The top edges were hand trimmed from fondant.

The castle birthday cake was easy to make just time with the little bricks. Would be great with a extra little hands to help. They would feel extra proud if they helped to make their own cake.

Castle Birthday Cake

Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Castle birthday cake by Jana G., Grand Rapids, MI

Castle Birthday Cake

This was a fun castle birthday cake to make. The flowers, turrets door and castle bricks are all made out of fondant and the towers are ice cream cones. Each tower had a wooden dowel rod through it for some stability.

Ice Cream Cone Castle Birthday Cake

Castle birthday cake by Tammy M., Rocky Hill, CT

Castle Birthday Cake

My niece Kailey was having a princess theme party for her 4th Birthday. All of the little girls wore there princess dresses. This castle birthday cake is fairly easy to make but very difficult if you have to deliver it.

I used 4 boxes of cake mix and made about 4 quarts of homemade frosting. The bottom of the cake is a 12 inch 1 layer square pan. The second layer is a 2 layer 8 inch round cake. The 3rd layer is a 2 layer 4 inch round cake. The pillars are paper towel and toilet paper rolls that I wrapped in fondant. Use frosting as a glue to secure the fondant in place.

I sprayed the pillars with pink Wilton color mist. (This stuff is great but VERY messy)The top of the pillars are ice-cream cones that I also sprayed with the color mist. I cut strips of fondant and put it around the bottom of the cone. Make sure you put frosting on the strip. This is the glue to keep it in place. I cut the corners of the bottom layer so I could secure the pillars.

Frosting the Castle

Using pink frosting, I frosted the whole castle birthday cake. I made a few windows where I put princess characters inside each one. I printed their pictures on the computer then laminated them. With white frosting I put large dots all over the cake so it looked like stone. Once dry I flattened them down with my finger. I topped it off by sprinkling edible glitter all over the cake.

This is the second castle birthday cake that I have made and I learned after the first time delivering it can be a disaster. I waited until the cake was completely dry. I then took saran wrap and wrapped it around the cake and taped the wrap in place. This keeps the pillars from falling over when it’s in your car.

Castle Cake With a Moat

Castle birthday cake by Rhonda B., Gaffney, SC

Castle Birthday Cake

I baked one 11″x15″ sheet cake one 8″ square cake one 6″ round cake and one 4″ round cake. Each small cake was placed on its own board, covered with plastic wrap. I frosted all cakes solid white then stacked the layers as shown (largest to smallest) anchoring them with a wooden dowel driven through all layers.

Decorating the castle birthday cake was fun! Using blue and purple icing, I drew windows and doors on each layer. I covered the “seams” and edges with white #16 stars. I then frosted four cake cones white and placed them on the four corners of the square cake. All the seams were sealed with white #16 stars as well.

Taking four sugar cones, I made a small hole in their points (to place the flags) and frosted them with pink icing sprinkling each with pink sugar. I placed them upside down on top of the cake cones covering the seams with white #16 stars. I decorated the rest of the cake as shown making a moat drawbridge grass bushes and flowers. For the finishing touch, I placed small Disney Princess figurines and paper flags (made from toothpicks and address labels) on the cake.

Incredible Homemade Cake

Castle birthday cake by Brad F., Griffin,GA

Castle Birthday Cake

For her 4th birthday my youngest wanted the Disney World castle birthday cake. The spires were cake dowels with inverted ice cream cones.

The cake itself was a white cake dyed blue and pink and swirled together per request. Before the details were added it was 38 inches tall and had to be shortened to 36 inches to fit in the SUV.

The colors are from the actual Disney Castle.

The cake layers were made using the Performance Pans Hexagon Pan Set from Wilton with the very top being the petite doll pan. The base had to support the tremendous weight (30+ pounds) while carrying the cake.

It was 4 layers of heavy duty cardboard taped tightly together. There were also cardboard separators throughout the cake layers and many dowels to support each section.

Castle Birthday Cake
Castle Birthday Cake

Castle birthday cake by Lisa R, Greenfield, IN

Castle Birthday Cake

I followed the recipe off Familyfun for this castle birthday cake pretty much to the letter. We used upside down sugar cones for the towers and candy for decorations.

We also made the little flags out of paper we colored and then glued them onto toothpicks and inserted them into the ends of the sugar cones. This was a very easy cake to make. My only problem was it was very hot that day and the icing began to melt and caused the top layer to slide some and we ended up with a crooked top layer before she blew out her candles but she could care less…she loved it.

Stunning Castle Cake

Castle birthday cake by Barbara B., Celje, Slovenija

Castle Birthday Cake

This castle birthday cake I made for my daughter’s 4th birthday. Everything including horses and carriage is edible.

Castle birthday cake by Jennifer L., Dorchester, WI

Castle Birthday Cake

This castle birthday cake was an adventure. My daughter wanted a princess/Dora/Dragon Tales Birthday. Not to mention chocolate. The cake turned out super moist. I needed layers so the whole thing crumbled. We had to make another double batch of icing to form walls.

This cake was 70% icing 30% cake by the time it was done we had to tape the 4 flags together until we got it to the party so that it would not collapse. But above all it turned out to be very beautiful.

Pink and Perfect

Castle birthday cake by Samantha C., Leeds, England

Castle Birthday Cake

This castle birthday cake is a round sponge cake covered in pink fondant icing. The turrets are made from pastillage icing which I bought as a ready-made mix from a decorating shop.

I used kitchen roll tubes to support them while they dried and borrowed an impression mat to make the stonework pattern. This cake was for my little baby niece to welcome her home from the neonatal unit where she spent 9 weeks after arriving very early.

Simple And Sweet DIY Cake

Castle birthday cake by Sherri B., Northfield, OH

Castle Birthday Cake

This castle birthday cake was actually pretty easy to make. Instead of my daughter having to choose “The Princess'” for her theme, we decided to make her the princess of this castle.

First you start with a 9 in square pan and muffin tin. You need 5 1/2 cups of batter. It’s 2 cake mixes. You will have some left. (Great for extra cupcakes) Pour 3 1/2 cups into square pan and fill the muffin tin with the rest, filling each cup with about 1/4 cup of batter.

When cake is baked and cool, trim top of 4 cupcakes and place in each corner of the castle birthday cake. (Hint: attach each with a small amount of icing). Cover entire cake and cup cakes with favorite frosting.

Castle Birthday Cake

Then take the frosting and tint yellow. Ice 4 sugar cones with this icing and place on top of each of the 4 cup cakes. This is when I shook the little ball candies (in the baking isle of the store) over the entire cake.

Lastly, using 50 chocolate covered wafer cookies (25 cut down by 1/4) and placed on the wall of the castle. I used star burst for the flags. (Hint: warm them slightly in the microwave, they are more pliable).

Bright And Beautiful Castle Cake

Castle birthday cake by Jennifer S., Severna Park, MD

Castle Birthday Cake

This castle birthday cake was baked in the largest petal pan that I had. While the cakes were baking I made a batch of royal icing and tinted it a shade of purple to match the castle used in the center of the display.

Then dipped the cones in and let the dry on a rack. When almost dry I placed a silver dragee on the top of each cone attaching it with the same royal icing. I placed a piece of cardboard cut to size from the bottom of the castle birthday cake( the cardboard was wrapped in plastic wrap)underneath of the castle to stop the cake from being squished under the weight and the cake was dowel-roded in the center as well.

Once the cones had dried I luster dusted them in silver so that they would sparkle just like the castle. I piped a basket weave design around the sides and grass on the top around the cones. To place the cones I used a small circle cookie cutter and removed a small portion of the cake where the cones would rest.

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