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Riddikulusly Cool Harry Potter Birthday Cake

The Harry Potter series has always been one of my very favorites! I was extremely excited when my cousin asked me to make this for her daughter’s 19th birthday. That’s why it says volume 19 on the spell book.

The cake was made out of rice krispies and fondant. Surprisingly it was the very 1st thing that my cousin took off and ate! Lol. This was one of the more fun cakes that I have made because with it being for family there was any pressure, I was able to just take my time and make it how I wanted since she gave me freedom of artistic expression.

The worst thing about making this cake was the scarf and the fringe on the end. You have to be so careful to not break any of it off and it was quite a task. I really enjoyed being able to eat a piece of my own cake and have the experience of what it would be like for someone that purchases one of my cakes.

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