Rubber Duckey Cake

I used the Wilton 3d duck pan to bake this cake and also used the cake release by Wilton, which was a life saver. I used all Wilton colours and decorating tips 16 & 21.The instruction enclosed with the pan were extremely helpful.

I used the star technique for most of the cake, but ended up using a spatula on the sides of the cake and fluffed it up, to make the wings on the side of the duck. As my hands gave in decorating one side of the cake . I used buttercream from a home made recipe to decorate the cake, but feel whipped cream or double cream would have done the same job and quicker as it is easier to pipe cream, beacuse it is softher than buttercream.

When my son Zakaria saw the cake he said “duck” straight away as that was his first word. It was really worth all the effort I had put in to this party, just seeing Zakaria’s reaction.