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Coolest Hearts and Champagne Anniversary Cake

I made this Hearts and Champagne Anniversary cake for a 10th anniversary. There are two hearts, one flat and one free standing, a gold goblet on top of the standing heart filled with sugar bubbles and and champagne bottle at a 45 degree angle as if it is pouring. To make this cake you will need: one-PVC pipe cut to size, one flange, one male adapter, one 45 degree angle elbow,(plumbing supplies), one-champagne or wine bottle mold, one mold of a goblet or glass of your choosing (here I used a plastic goblet as a mold), gold highlighter, gold luster dust (found at www.sugarcraft.com), 4 batches of marshmallow fondant, 2 batches of rkt(rice krispy treats), 50 blown sugar bubbles, 18inch heart shaped wooden board, ribbon to put around the outer edges of the board. One heart shaped pan(14inches), one 8inch heart shaped pan and piping gel. You can buy this from MICHAELS CRAFT store or AC MOORE CRAFTS,or Walmart,or online cake supplies.

Make a two 14inch layer heart shaped cake, make the rice krispy treats and press in the 8inch heart shaped pan to mold, do this twice, let it dry. Assemble the wooden board, flange, male adapter and PVC pipe. Ice the 14inch cake, put a hole through the cardboard cake board, place the cake on the board and from the bottom use a wooden dowel to mark and place a hole in the middle of the cake so it can slide onto the PVC pipe.

Heavily dowel rod this cake in the middle so it can support the rkt standing 8inch cake. Sandwich the two rkt together with melted chocolate sliding a small piece of pipe in between the two rkt because you want to make a tunnel through it so you can slide it onto the pipe. Once dried, remove small piece of pipe. Cover the rkt cake with fondant. I embossed mine with a rubber stamp of two champagne glasses toasting with a heart shape in the middle (purchased this stamp at MICHAELS CRAFT STORE). Slide the rkt cake onto the pipe and easily being careful of where you have your dowel rods. Now slide your molded goblet or glass onto the pipe. Cover the pipe with fondant to act as a stem for the goblet. Paint both with gold highlighter, place sugar balls in the cup and glue them onto the pipe with piping gel.

Add 45 degree angle elbow and a piece of PVC pipe cut to size and slide the gum paste champagne/wine bottle onto the pipe. MAKE SURE YOU USE COPPER PVC PIPE AND FITTINGS BECAUSE THE CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE WILL BE TO HEAVY FOR PLASTIC PVC AND FITTINGS. Lastly cover the parts of your board with colored fondant (your choice). Trim close to the edge and glue/hot glue the ribbon onto the board edge.

good luck and Happy Baking!!

Coolest Hearts and Champagne Anniversary Cake

Coolest Hearts and Champagne Anniversary Cake

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