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  1. My granddaughter wants a cake similar to the one you made for her 8th birthday. She wants it to be a girl pirate with a bow and eye patch. How did you make your frosting? Is it fondant? Any other tips? I think it looks great! THANKS, Christie ecfarms@wvi.com

  2. very cute cake! my daughter would like a skull and cross bones cake for her 7th b-day. did you use a particular pan or shape out of two rounds? what did you use for frosting or is it all fondant and did you shape the bones out of fondant? thank you for any advice you can give on this.

  3. Cover a 14” square cake drum in black sugarpaste then bake an 8” & a 6” round cake. 6 eggs, 12oz/3 cups self raising flour. 6oz/1 1/2 cups plain flour. 12oz/3 cups caster sugar.12oz/3 cups butter or soft margarine – baking time 50 mins – 1 hour (1/3 mixture in 6” cake tin.
    Trim off the crusts so flat.Cut off 1 inch from the edge of each cake and slice each cake in half horizontally & fill with your choice of buttercream/frosting. Stick the 2 cakes together where you trimmed off the edge – you now have your basic shape.Cover in white sugarpaste icing & do the other shapes in black sugarpaste.
    sugarpaste – renshaw’s regalice

  4. I hav a best friend who’s birthday is coming up in 3 weeks and she loves skulls, so I wanted to make a skull shaped cake…so if you could just post what pans you used that would be great.

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