Skull Cake

I made this skull cake for my boyfriend’s 21st birthday. He is really into skulls and has a dark sense of humor. Inside the cake is one box of fun-fetti and one box of devils food.

The filling is chocolate ganache. I made the ganache with semi-sweet chips, heavy cream, butter and Kahlua liquor. I layered the cakes and poured the ganache over the cakes twice to give it a smooth finish almost like fondant.

I colored the ganache with black food coloring to make it really dark. With strips of yellow fondant, I painted the letters and made it look like caution tape. The skulls are white fondant cut with a cookie cutter and I painted the eyes, nose, and teeth black. With a long strip of black fondant I attached gray fondant “spikes” to make it look like a rocker bracelet!

Pouring the ganache is a little tricky, you need a good cooling rack and a large bowl to catch the excess. This was a super fun cake to make and everyone really liked it, mostly him! It also made a great center-piece for the table!

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