Coolest Baby Shower Cupcakes

Coolest Baby Shower Cupcakes - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

I saw these baby shower cupcakes in the Wilton 2006 yearbook and thought it would be a great cake for an upcoming baby shower. I bought the pre-colored pastel rolled fondant pack to save time for the blankets but still needed a small batch of skin tone for the babies’ heads and bodies. I used … Read more

Coolest Patriotic Cupcakes

Coolest Cupcake Recipes, Photos and How-To Tips

Bake per box instructions.  (I used white cake mix and stirred in four tablespoons of red/white/blue decorating sprinkles as cup cake decorations.)  Make butter cream icing and tint 1/3 royal blue/, 1/3 white, and 1/3 red. Using decorator # 33, pull out blue “fireworks” around outside edge.  Then do a circle of white.  Finish with … Read more

Coolest Barnyard Theme Cupcakes

Coolest Birthday Cakes and Cute Cupcakes

My daughter loves animals, so for her 2nd birthday I decided to go with a Barnyard theme. I made a Cow cake and farm animal cupcakes – chicks, pigs and sheep. To make these cute cupcakes, make several regular size and several mini cupcakes. Separate the icing and dye some pink and some yellow. Frost … Read more

Cool Homemade Dora Cupcake Ideas

Coolest Dora Cupcake Photos and How-to Tips

These are Diego and Dora cupcakes that I made for my co-worker’s daughter’s party. The theme is apparent but she wanted both Dora and Diego (Dora for the girls and Diego for the boys). The hair for both characters was made from regular chocolate that I melted and created on parchment paper (excuse the Diego … Read more

Cool DIY Halloween Cupcakes

Coolest Halloween Cupcakes, Photos and How-To Tips

I made Halloween cupcakes like normal and iced them green. Then the fun started. I made black icing (this took a bit!) and used a star tip to create the hair. I used a round tip for the eyes and mouth. Same round tip for the fangs just used white icing.I got this idea off … Read more

Cool Homemade Monkey Birthday Cupcakes

Homemade Monkey Birthday Cupcakes

I baked the Monkey Birthday Cupcakes the night before (from a box of course) and decorated them while my almost 1-yr old and 3-yr old’s napped. I had planned to use M&M’s for eyes but apparently had eaten them all so I scrounged around and found Jelly Bellies and leftover Valentine’s Day candy hearts. I … Read more