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Coolest Cute Monkey Cupcakes

For my son’s daycare class, the Monkeys, I decided what better birthday theme to go with than – monkeys. My son loves them, and what 3 year old doesn’t? I scanned monkey cupcake images on the internet and chose to use Wilton’s idea as my guide.

I printed and cut out the template shapes on their website for the face. I decided to use store bought fondant and the cutest candy eyes I came across in the cake decorating aisle. I also bought the edible markers. GODSEND! My son loves M&M candies so I used them for the noses. I kneaded the fondant with hot chocolate powder for the faces. It takes a load of kneading to get it uniform, but when it comes together it is really worth it.

The cocoa also helps to deal with the fondant if it becomes sticky. I dusted my wax paper and rolling pin with the cocoa as well in lieu of powdered sugar. I found the cutest monkey cupcake liners, baked yellow cupcakes and made some super fudgy chocolate icing. I rolled out the fondant, but the faces out with an exacto knife, drew on the smile, frosted my cooled cupcakes and then began the assembly.

I used the chocolate icing applied to the back of the decorations with a toothpick. I used melting chocolates for the ears. Voila…24 cute monkey cupcakes. The kids loved them!

Homemade Cute Monkey Cupcakes

Homemade Cute Monkey Cupcakes

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