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This is Louie – My Roasted Pig Cake!

This is my roasted pig cake. His name was Louie. We ate him. I got mixed reviews on him. My cakes freak  my sister out. She says they are weird. I love weird. I made 3 batches of my special pound cake and stacked them. I put a thin layer of butter cream and then colored fondant brown. I carved the body then shaped and carved the head. Covered it all in fondant and mixed brown food color gel and vodka and brushed over fondant. Covered pig .

I used fondant tools to put texture and wrinkles  and other details in fondant. Let it dry over night and made ears out of gum paste. I put ears on and made feet  from fondant and shaped them. I made fake lettuce and tomatoes out of fondant. This cake was a hit. I love my little pig cake. I still get weird comments on it on Facebook. I put all my cakes on Facebook.