This is Louie – My Roasted Pig Cake!

This is my roasted pig cake. His name was Louie. We ate him. I got mixed reviews on him. My cakes freak  my sister out. She says they are weird. I love weird. I made 3 batches of my special pound cake and stacked them. I put a thin layer of butter cream and then … Read more

Coolest Kit Kat Piglets Playing in the Mud Birthday Cake

This  Kit Kat piglets playing in the mud birthday cake was made for a lady’s 79th birthday. I made two round chocolate cakes, and put strawberry filling in the center. I frosted the cake with chocolate frosting, then I covered the sides with two rows of Kit Kat candy bars. I cut the Kit Kats to the correct … Read more

Cutest Little Piggy Birthday Cake

Pig birthday cake ideas

For my twins 2nd birthday I did a cow and Little Piggy birthday cake. I cooked the head and the body in round Pyrex bowls (smaller bowl for the head). All up it was about 3 cake mixes to fill both bowls. The legs were cut from cake cooked in a square tin. All pieces were secured by … Read more

Coolest Peppa Pig Birthday Cake for a Special Girl

This Peppa Pig birthday cake was a very special cake. I made this for my granddaughter and the characters on it are her favorite. I made Millie and Molly and Peppa Pig. For her party she had Peppa Pig, Raa Raa and Spiderman. I made the characters in advance, also made a hedgehog, some trees, … Read more

12+ Coolest Peppa Pig Cake Ideas

Coolest Peppa Pig Cakes

This cool collection of Peppa Pig cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Peppa Pig cake ever. Good luck! Cute Peppa Pig Cake Peppa Pig cake submitted by Rebecca R. My daughter is crazy about Peppa Pig, so she asked me to make her a Peppa cake for … Read more

Adorable Homemade Farm Cake and Animal Cupcakes

Making a Farm Party This was for my 2 year old’s farm themed birthday party. I reserved a party house at a local farm. Then, I purchased farm Birthday decorations. I also searched Pinterest for ideas. I forgot to buy candy but was able to raid my kids Easter basket. Who knew that a lamb … Read more

Zombie Luau Roast Pig Birthday Cake

Zombie Luau Roast Pig Birthday Cake

For my birthday I had a zombie luau party. I did not want a gory cake so I decided to make a cute little “ready to roast” pig birthday cake! How I Made This Roast Pig Birthday Cake I found a vintage Betty Crocker pan set on ebay for $10. Once it arrived I went … Read more

Easy George Pig Cake

So I wanted to make a special cake for my son’s third birthday party. My mom always made over-the-top cakes when we were kids, so I wanted to carry on the tradition. My son obsessed with Peppa Pig. He calls me “Mommy Pig” and daddy “Daddy Pig”. I looked for inspiration on Pinterest for Peppa … Read more

Coolest Peppa Pig Cake

Coolest Peppa Pig Cake

My daughter is crazy about Peppa Pig, so she asked me to make her a Peppa cake for her 3rd birthday! The cake was quite simple, I made a sheet butter cake and cut out the outline for the face and body. After covering in icing I used colored fondant to cover over the shapes of … Read more

Coolest Olivia Cake

Coolest Olivia Cake

The most daunting task of this cake was making Olivia edible. I wanted to try making the topper totally edible instead of buying a toy to go on top and if I could do it, I could probably make any kind of topper. I used videos on YouTube for guidance, and I love how step-by-step … Read more

Coolest Pig Cake

I made this pig cake for a cake raffle fundraiser for the middle school in my community.  It was very quick and easy to make.  I used the Wilton Soccer Ball Pan (although I’m sure any oven-proof bowl would work) for the body of the pig.  I made a chocolate cake and filled it with … Read more

Coolest “When Pigs Fly” Cake

Coolest "When Pigs Fly" Cake

This cake was created for someone who was in the military and also enjoyed the theme of “when pigs fly”.  I was excited to receive the challenge and the challenge of deciding on what design I would do.  I decided to incorporate both themes into the cake and created an obstacle course for pigs that … Read more