Cake by Becky C., Kissee Mills, MO

Supplies for this Valentine cake: buttercream icing tinted flesh color (small amount of Wilton copper) red and leave a small amount white, chocolate butter cream icing tinted black, cake of choice, red candy melts and a disposable bag. Pans used-Wilton heart and a heart muffin pan.

Place red candy melts in disposable bag and microwave on defrost setting. Make sure you take the bag out periodically and squish the bag in your hand to help melt the candy. Be careful not to heat it too long you will burn the candy and could melt the bag. Take the bag out of the microwave and cut a small hole in the bottom of it. Pour candy into two of the heart muffin slots. When finished tap pan on the counter to remove air bubbles. Then place the pan into the freezer. Make sure the pan stays in the freezer until candy has completely hardened. Remove from freezer and tap the bottom of the pan and they should come out.

Ice heart cake pan with the flesh color. Place eyes/sunglass shades (the heart candies) on top of cake. Using Wilton tip #12 create nose in flesh color and use tip #12 with red icing to create sunglass frame. Using Wilton tip #3 pipe in black, the mouth, eyebrows and lettering. Create the finished touch with a shell border using Wilton tip #21.