Coolest Heart Shaped Box Cake

Homemade Heart Shaped Box Cake

The homemade heart shaped box cake is two 12” heart, dark chocolate, cakes. The cakes were covered in cream cheese icing. A cut-out was formed to make the indentation of the box in a heart shape, then covered with one large piece of pink fondant, colored from Wilton’s white pre-rolled fondant. A large piece of … Read more

Coolest Me to You Teddy Bears Cake

Homemade Me to You Teddy Bears Cake

I did this Me to You Teddy Bears Cake for a girl who is a great fan of the Me to You teddy bears. First of all I did the bears two days beforehand so that they would dry up. I made two sugarpaste balls one on top of each other and attached the arms, … Read more

Baking Minecraft Style: Valentine’s Day for Geeks

Baking Minecraft Style: Valentine's Day for Geeks

My boyfriend and I are both complete nerds. He however, had several nerdy loves yet undiscovered by me when we first started dating. You see, he had a love for Minecraft – an online game made of blocky looking characters where you can mine for minerals, harvest food and build an entire world. Basically, it’s … Read more

Cute Hello Kitty Cake

Cute Hello Kitty Cake

On the 29th of November 2012, my friend Emeka by name called me and said “Esther I have hurt my girlfriend and she’s mad at me, what can I do? I called her and she’s not answering and she won’t even reply to my messages” so I asked him what does she like? He said … Read more

Valentine’s Day Cakes Using Heart-Shaped Cake Pans

Valentine's Day Cakes Using Heart-Shaped Cake Pans

I decided to make a Valentine’s cake to take to a friend’s house for dessert so I just decided to be creative. I had two different size heart shaped cake pans so I decided to put them next to each other instead of stacking them. I used one white cake mix and separated the mix in each … Read more

Homemade Heart Shaped Birthday Cake

Homemade Heart Shaped Birthday Cake

I decided to bake my husband a special birthday cake this year for his birthday. I read a lot on how to make a heart shaped birthday cake but thought I would not be able to make the cake using fondant. So the day before the birthday I went to a bakery to ask him … Read more

Cool Homemade Valentines Cake

Homemade Valentines Cake

We made this Homemade Valentines Cake for our cities Father Daughter dance. It was a huge hit. The bottom is a 16 inch square made of Chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling covered in Marshmallow Fondant. The second layer is a 12 inch square made of Strawberry cake with a wild strawberry cream cheese … Read more

Coolest Homemade Valentine Cakes and How-To Tips 11

Buttercream roses and heart-shaped jelly candies decorate this heart-shaped cake.  Use a spatula to smooth the cakes surface. The textured swirly imprinted surface of the cake was obtained from pressing a paper towel over the cake after butter cream icing has set.s surface. The textured swirly imprinted surface of the cake was obtained from pressing … Read more

Coolest Valentine Cake Design

Homemade Valentine Cake Design

This is a Valentine Cake Design I did for my 5 year old son. I had seen this done in a magazine years ago so I did my best to re-create it. They had actually baked the cake in a round cake pan and cut to shape the heart but I had a small 6in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Valentine Cake Ideas 0

Supplies for this Valentine cake: buttercream icing tinted flesh color (small amount of Wilton copper) red and leave a small amount white, chocolate butter cream icing tinted black, cake of choice, red candy melts and a disposable bag. Pans used-Wilton heart and a heart muffin pan. Place red candy melts in disposable bag and microwave … Read more

Cool Homemade Valentine’s Day Cake

Homemade Valentine's Day Cake

I made this Valentine’s Day cake for my husband for Valentine’s Day. It is a cake shaped like an open box of Valentine’s candy. All of the ingredients were store bought. The cake mix and icing were sugar free (or no sugar added) as my husband is a diabetic. The fondant and rice krispy treats … Read more

Simple Valentine Cake Design

Homemade Valentine Cake Design

I made this Valentine Cake Design from boxed cake mix and used canned frosting but have learned this cake would do much better if I had used butter cream. Canned frosting, while convenient, just did not seem to hold up as well as a homemade butter cream recipe would. Its very basic and it is … Read more