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Coolest Heart Shaped Box Cake

The homemade heart shaped box cake is two 12” heart, dark chocolate, cakes. The cakes were covered in cream cheese icing. A cut-out was formed to make the indentation of the box in a heart shape, then covered with one large piece of pink fondant, colored from Wilton’s white pre-rolled fondant.

A large piece of white fondant was rolled out to fill in the heart shaped cut-out in the pink base of the box. It was formed to look like gift box tissue paper.

The lid is made of rice krispy treats and then covered with another piece of pink colored fondant. We had to put two supporting dowels between the cake and the lid, the weight is definitely an issue when using rice krisy treats.

The icing writing was applied using a tip #7 and white decorator’s icing over the Wilton push-in stencils. These are the BEST thing ever. This was the first cake we had used them on and it looked amazing and was soooo easy. The star tip was used to create the lines on the corners of the heart shape which also wonderfully hid the imperfections in the fondant. The ribbon tip was used to border the bottom of the box.

Dove chocolates were used to fill the box, still maintaining the 100% edible rule for our creations.