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Romantic Homemade Valentine Cakes

I browsed this site for cool Valentine cakes and this is what I came up with. This was my second attempt at working with the rolled fondant. A heart shape is much easier than a round cake when it comes to getting it to lay flat on the sides. I was just practicing and it happened to be around Valentines Day. Luckily my co-workers love cake. I designed this cake from my own head as it was just practice cake and I used what I had laying around. Now I can make Valentine cakes for next year.

Pretty Valentine Cake

Valentine cake by Andrea N., Kent, OH

Valentine Cake Photo

I made this two-tier cake for Valentines Day. I iced with white butter cream icing. Ruffle border on the bottom and rosette border everywhere else. I had just learned the Cornelio lace technique and was eager to try it out on valentine cakes. I also made roses that would match. It’s a strawberry cake with strawberry filling everyone thought it looked and tasted really yummy!

Beautiful Fondant Covered Homemade Cake

Valentine cake by Sue B., England

Valentine Cake Photo

Each year I make valentine cakes and they are raffled off for our dancing club funds. This year we raised £40. It is a basic lemon sponge mix…baked in a heart shaped tin.

The filling is lemon curd and butter icing. A thin layer of butter icing was spread all over the outside of the cake to bond on the fondant covering. I covered with fondant and red ribbon. The centre piece of love hearts and ribbon was made (in advance) to allow it to dry hard. Red and white always looks attractive together….my cake was no exception!

Stunning Valentine Cakes With Roses

Valentine cake by Tara U., Tennyson, IN

Valentine Cake Photo

I was asked to make a Valentine’s Day cake for a couple’s party for church. Valentine cakes can be very easy to make, I made two 9×13 cakes and set them side by side and added two different heart shapes on top. I frosted everything with buttercream frosting and then added about 90 roses also made with buttercream frosting.

Don’t think that you can’t do this or any other cake; because I taught myself and so can you.

Fabulous Fondant Homemade Cake

Valentine cake by Claire C., Cyprus

Valentine Cake Photo

This cake was very easy to make and decorate. Start off with baking one 10inch round cake and one heart shaped cake using a cake mould. Once the cake has cooled, heat up some jam with a tablespoon of water and spread over the cake. Coat the top and sides of each cake, making sure there is no pips from the jam left on the cake as these can show through when it comes to icing it. Cover each cake with a layer of fondant icing. Repeat with jam and then you are ready to put on the top coat of fondant icing.

Colour the fondant for the heart pink. Roll out and cover the heart shaped cake. Save any left over pink icing and store in an air tight container. Next cover the round cake with white fondant. Once you have iced the cake, place the heart shaped cake on top of the round cake. Take the left over pink icing, split it in half and colour one half with purple food coloring. Roll out the pink and purple icing and cut out small heart and circle shapes. Place these shapes on the round cake to make it look like wrapping paper. Finally colour some fondant green and make a bow to go on top of the cake. There you have it a present in its own right (but which could also be valentine cakes because of the shape)!

Romantic Heart Shaped Valentine Cake

Valentine cake by Becky Z., North Miami, FL

Valentine Cake Photo

This Valentine cake was a 2-layer 8″ strawberry swirl heart cake. I put strawberry jam between the layers and covered it in whipped icing. Red buttercream roses grace the top of the cake and hearts are piped on the sides.

Simple and Gorgeous Valentine Cake

Valentine cake by Janet H., Malta

Valentine Cake Photo

This is my very first cake that I have made for valentines day. It is a sponge cake with cream butter icing in the middle; the mixture is 6oz butter 6oz self raising flour 6oz sugar and 3 eggs. Mix butter and sugar till light and fluffy then add the eggs one at a time, then fold the flour in with a spoon (do not mix with the mixer), grease a 7in heart tin well or line add mixture and bake at 175 for 20mins.

If the mixture has risen above the tin—once the cake is cold, tip it upside down and with a sharp knife cut the overlap off (use a piece of greaseproof paper to hold the top so that you don’t create a hand mark).

For the filling: 6oz of butter and 8oz icing sugar; mix all together with a mixer until the butter cream is soft (add more icing sugar if you feel that is required). Fill the centre with this mixture and leave some so you can place around the sides to fill the gaps in, as well as a small layer on the top for the icing to stick.

Decorating the Cake

Roll out the fondant icing and lay over the top of the cake; starting in the middle smooth out to the sides, place your hands around the sides this will help it stick as the warmth from your hands will seal it, and cut off the remaining past at the bottom.

Brush the cake with pearl white edible luster powder (make sure you use a soft brush as it may leave marks on the top). Make 2 red roses from flower paste and a few green leaves.

Using my upper and lower case I pressed out the letters (make sure they are looking sharp when placed on cake). Use a little water to keep them in place (not too much as the red will run). Add the roses in the same way, then cut a heart out and add in the same way. Then dust all the items with white pearl dusting powder. I guess in all, it took me 3hrs to create (including cooking time).

Adorable Wilton Bear Cake

Valentine cake by April N., Georgetown, TX

Valentine Cake Photo

This Valentine’s Day my kids and I decided to make a bear cake holding a heart. We used the Wilton Bear cake pan, chocolate cake mix, and vanilla, strawberry and chocolate canned frostings. The canned frosting is softer and when you use tip 18 for the “fur” areas it falls a little and I think seems to look more like fur., We used a heart shaped cookie cutter and pressed it into the middle of the bears tummy to look like he was holding the heart. We used tip 18 for the entire bear and put sprinkles on the heart.

Pretty in Pink Cake

Valentine cake by Tomara B., Boynton Beach, FL

Valentine Cake Photo

I got the idea for this cake in a book, but made my own version of it for Valentine’s Day. This is a very simple and fun cake to make.

Basically, I made two round cakes according to the cake package directions. Then I made a heart template out of paper. After the cakes were baked and cooled, I cut both cakes into identical hearts with a sharp knife. Then I made the buttercream icing and tinted it pink. I iced the cake and smoothed it on.

Finally, I had purchased these candy hearts made by Wilton and placed them all over the top and sides of the cake. This is one of the simplest Valentine cakes to make.

Clever Rice Krispies Cake

Valentine cake by Carole D., Red Deer, Alberta

Valentine Cake Photo

This is a Rice Krispies Valentine cake. I just used food coloring before adding the Rice Krispies.

Homemade Cake With Buttercream Roses

Valentine cake by Becky Z., North Miami, FL

Valentine Cake Photo

2 layers of chocolate fudge cake baked in a 6″ heart pan, filled with seedless raspberry preserves and covered in chocolate icing. Pink Cornelli lace was piped on the sides and the top covered in pink butter cream roses.

Sweet as Candy Cake

Valentine cake by MaryKay, Kiev

Valentine Cake Photo

Buttercream roses and heart-shaped jelly candies decorate this heart-shaped cake.  Use a spatula to smooth the cake’s surface. The textured swirly imprinted surface of the cake was obtained from pressing a paper towel over the cake after butter cream icing has set.