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Coolest Zoo Animal Cake

This is the first time I used marshmallow fondant to make a character and it work out well. This is also the first time I made a zoo animal cake. This cake is made out of butter cream frosting and detailed in fondant. I made the bamboo by making a log and cut it into pieces and made indention around each end and then glued it together. I put wires on it so it can be bend. The palm trunk is made out of fondant wrapped on a lollipop stick.  I used rose leaf cutter on the leaves and trim it with a bendable blade.

The idea of this cake was gathered from different pictures  on the web and put it together. It took me a lot of  trial and error to make the character but the final result is good. I had a great time making this cake and all the sweat and hard work paid off  when the customer appreciated your work.