A big thank you to everyone who posted a Construction Birthday Cake! I got all my ideas from you guys. This was my first birthday cake and I’m pretty proud of it. Couldnt have done it without you!

I used two different cake batters, a 13X9 pan and a 6 inch Pyrex bowl. I did half and half in each cake. I made my own frosting, got the recipe from Dominoes confectionery sugar. I used ice cream cones for trees with green frosting and a star tip, crushed Oreos and cake crumbs (I took some trimmings off the cake and put them in the oven to get a little crispy, and using 2 cake batters gives it texture too) for dirt.

I used coconut colored green with food coloring for grass. I got chocolate rocks at the candy store at the mall and I used licorice and icing for the caution stripes on the outside. I also made a little bridge out of cardboard, covered it with wax paper and put frosting on it to match the cake. And I found the construction trucks at Walmart on clearance.

I found the cone candles at a local party store, but I do have to say, it was difficult to find construction theme party stuff. I also used the left over supplies to make little potted plants for my nieces. I don’t have a picture but I used the top of the ice cream cone for a pot, put it on a paper plate and filled it with the brown frosting, dirt and rocks and I made little frosting flowers to put on top.

Then I put some grass around the outside. Maybe you could make sandboxes or something for boys, but I thought I’d mention it because it kept the girls out of the cake. I was so scared they would get to it before my son got to see it! hahaha!

Thanks again to everyone who posted their cakes. I couldn’t have done it without you! KEEP POSTING! ILL BE BACK AGAIN NEXT YEAR!