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Coolest Dragon Cake 89

by Philippa

Homemade Dragon Cake

Homemade Dragon Cake

I am always looking for a reason to make a cake and this month it's my sister in law's birthday and she loves dragons so I thought I'd try and make her a dragon cake. I looked on the internet for ideas.

I baked 3 different shaped cakes and started cutting into them to get the shapes I wanted. I wanted to get a lot of detail so I crumbled some cake, mixed it with butter cream to help it stick and molded the shapes I wanted. I did this for the eyes, nose, feet and some of the tail. I was not sure if this was going to work but thought I'd give it a try and it worked but was just a bit sticky.

I then covered the cake in fondant. I did this in sections and covered up the crumbly bits first and pushed it into shape. The sections of fondant did not matter because I knew I was going to put scales on it afterwards.

I painted the whole dragon with food coloring gel then started on the head with the nose. This took ages. I put little balls of yellow fondant onto it. I used an edible glue to stick everything down. The eyes I originally painted black but did not like it so covered it up with a red fondant and the the same yellow I used for the nose was used for the eyes.

I knew from the start this dragon was going to be multicolored because I wanted a colorful cake. I did originally want the head to stand up but it went wrong so I stuck with what I knew I could do. I will give the tiered cakes a go soon though.

Most of the body has little scales on it I spent hours rolling and squeezing balls of fondant. The wings have some dowel rods under them which I cut and placed where I wanted them and cut a basic wing shape from fondant then placed it on the other piece of fondant and cut around it.

I placed the wings on top of the dowels and they held the fondant fine. I painted a little bit of black and yellow dots on the wings to give detail. I used sprinkles for the neck and thought they were quite effective.

I used royal icing to write happy birthday Fai. I wanted to give the impression of lava and rocks on the ground so just broke off the fondant and pressed it onto the board.

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