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Coolest Oriental Lilies Wedding Cake

Coolest Oriental Lilies Wedding Cake

Coolest Oriental Lilies Wedding Cake

This was my first attempt at making any kind of cake that required more than 2 hours worth of work to finish.

My daughter was getting married loves Oriental Lilies and when I saw that this flower was going to be one of the flowers that we were going to practice doing in the Flowers and Decorating class I pre-paid for the class and learned a lot more than I expected.

I made at least 2 dozen Oriental Lilies and at least 4 dozen drop flowers that I learned from the Basic Cake Decorating Class I took before the Flowers and Cake Design class. All of the flowers were pre-made at least 2 weeks ahead of time in order to allow the flowers to set completely. They normally only need a few days to set completely but with the Oriental Lilies I took my time.

I decided to use wax paper instead of the foil candy wraps Wilton advises you to use and I did the first step before completing the entire flower. One day was set aside for the base of the flower (leaves) and the next day I piped the center for the stems. I was transporting everything to Las Vegas so I pre-made the cake and cake bars and didn’t frost or decorate the cake until I got to the condo.

The cake is two 6 inch rounds and 13 cake bars. You’ll notice that the blue flowers at the base are kinda curved in, when I piped them I placed them on a curved tray so that they dried this way, it made it easier to put them on the finished product.

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