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Coolest Ring Box Bridal Shower Cake

My future daughter-in-law’s sister asked me to make a cake for the bridal shower and I wanted to do something different. I decided to make a ring box cake.

I ordered a ring from DecoPac. I baked a chocolate 1/2 sheet and a yellow 1/2 sheet cake rather than buying square pans. I taped 2 1/2 sheet cake boards together and covered them with silver. I leveled the cake after it cooled and used a piece of 8×8 cake board as a template. Cut out 2 8×8 squares from each cake. I stacked the chocolate first and dirty iced each layer with butter cream. Put in 4 dowel rods for support and added a cake board for the next 2 layers. Added the yellow layers. Also dirty iced. Before I iced the top of the cake I trimmed some cake to make it look like the inside of a ring box.

I used marshmallow fondant and rolled out a white piece for the “inside” of the box. Layed it on and trimmed it. I dyed some fondant purple and rolled out a piece big enough to cover the entire box. I trimmed around the bottom and smoothed out the sides. I trimmed away the top to expose the white fondant using care not to cut through the white fondant. I cut 1″ strips of the white fondant for “ribbons”. Brush a small about of water on the back of the ribbon and attach it to the box. I piped on a ribbon around the bottom with a flat tip pulling in and out to make it look ruffled. I added a string of pearls to finish it.

The “lid” was made with rice crispy treats. I made 1 recipe of Kraft Rice Crispy treats and lined a 8×8 pan with wax paper and put the full recipe into it and refrigerated until I was ready to use it. I put it on a cake board and covered it with butter cream icing. I rolled out a piece of purple fondant to put on the bottom of the lid since it would be showing. I covered the top of the box with purple fondant also and added white fondant ribbons and a box. Also piped on the ribbon and added pearls to three sides of it. I leaned it against the box.

I made a fondant Calla Lilly bouquet. I made the lilies a couple days in advance but would use gum paste instead next time so they would dry firmer. I followed the tutorial on youtube on “Gumpaste calla lilly” Part 1-IV. I used wooden bamboo skewers for the stems instead of wire and covered the stems with green fondant. I made 2 different sizes and layered them in the bouquet with the larger ones first. I cut strips of purple fondant and layed over the stems to look like it was wrapped with ribbon and added a bow to finish it.

Everyone really loved it! I was very excited by their response. I hope this helps you with your cake and gives you some good ideas! Happy baking!!

Homemade Ring Box Bridal Shower Cake

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