This Wedding Cake was made for a good friend of mines wedding day. It took me about 30 hours all in all to make and its my favorite cake to date. All three tiers are made of vanilla sponge and are filled with fluffy frosting and raspberry jam.

I also crumb coated the cakes with the same frosting. I did have to hire the bottom tier pan because I don’t have any large one(14in) at home but will be purchasing one soon! The sugar roses are made of gum/petal paste. I colored it to match the bridesmaids dresses. I found out how to make them by looking it up on you tube were there are loads of tutorials. It took a few tries to get them right but was worth the perseverance.

This cake was stacked using dowles, each cake was made on its own thin cake board and placed on the layer below which had dowels cut to the exact height of the cake and supported the weight of the cake above stopping it sinking in to the one below. I covered the cake with white ready roll in two layers which gave it the smooth finish and used bridal white luster to give it a subtle shimmer.

I transported the cake in separate boxes and stacked and attached the flowers ,crystals and the leaves at the hall where the reception was held and the ribbon covers the seams in the cake with a bit left over for the cake knife and server. The bride was really pleased with her cake and I loved making it. The cake cost about £60 to make which was the biggest bonus!